Monday, January 27, 2014

Stylish Dance Moves: Grammys Style

All the stars came out to the Grammys last night only to wow us with their stylish dance moves. 

I'm really digging Taylor Swift's in particular. It's so white girl gangster! Let's also clear the air by saying that we really enjoy how Taylor's always dancing at these shows. Heck. It's a once in a lifetime type of event to be able to attend. You had better believe I'd be enjoying myself if I ever got invited. One can dream. Of either going to watch from the audience or doing celebrity makeup. Hey, celebrities! I am for hire, by the way! Shameless Plugs 'R Us. 

You can just totally tell Taylor still looks up to her peers. She's a chick whom I wouldn't mind sitting next to either. Then, after we're done fan girling with her, we'd ask her for her hand in marriage for later in the evening. Hubs wouldn't mind at all. Who knew you could get married at such a memorable event?! Madonna must of missed my memo for her to sing amidst my nuptials. That would of been some splendid spaghetti with a side of smokin' hot awesome sauce

Oh, what did you say? You hate the catch phrase splendid spaghetti?! Sigh. Sadly, I already knew this. But when someone says the word "swaggy" is out, what's a girl to do? One can't just go out creating cool dance moves instead. Or can they? I mean, these celebs make it look easy. 

My signature dance move would probably be a move like the shopping cart or automatic sprinkler with a splash of the ever entertaining cranking your lawn mower move that's sure to make all the hearts melt. Even Grumpy Cat's. Now, let's add on some Night at the Roxbury mixed with Running Man followed up by Gangnam Style & Jazz Hands and let's get this party started like Pink on aerial trapeze ribbon stuff. Party on, Wayne. Garth is jealous because Party Spock is in the house tonight... again...


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