Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Marketing: Branding Vs. Sales

As a former advertising and marketing consultant, I find it really hard to differentiate and keep all my topics on beauty and the ridonkulous. Eventually you'll see this blog categorized so if you want to just see one topic, all you'll have to do is click on that page's tab.

Anyway, keep reading if you'd like to dig into my mush brain of a head on the topics of marketing, social media, branding and sales.

It burns me when someone asks me how much money I'm making from my online adventures. To put it lightly, not much. You've got to start somewhere. Geez. Allow me to add that there are other perks, though, to blogging that some could attach a dollar amount to. Eventually I'll divulge the info so you can reproduce what I'm doing in half the time. Learners unite! I love teaching people. Anyway, I am quite thankful to my hubs that I am able to do what I do right now as well. Not everyone can. I just so happened to be at a juncture in my life where I was at home anyway taking care of my baby. And guess what?

I wasn't just sitting around twiddling my thumbs eating bon bons. I want to grow up one day and have a really successful career. Sure, there's always more laundry to do and bathrooms to clean. Writing & social media takes hours sometimes, people. Women these days need to work, not just sit around being barefoot and pregnant, the perfect model of a 1920's housewife.

Obviously there are some who can just sit around. These ladies are well off and I give them props. I'm also not trying to diminish a housewife's worth. Taking care of kids is hard, no matter if you're dirt poor or rolling in the enviable dough. Blogging has been a total sacrifice, but at the same time I now have peeps to market to if I so wish to do so. I now know why mommy bloggers take up a huge population of the entire blogger network. Currently my main bread & butter part time job is occasional nights and every weekend. It would take a hefty full time salary to change that once you factor in daycare, gas & lunch expenses. Plus, the economy stinks worse than smelly gym socks after a marathon practice run. It's changed every one's typical work schedules. Thanks, economy, thanks. Anyway... moving on to marketing efforts.

There is a HUGE difference in branding yourself vs. converting your social media efforts into sales numbers. Sure, I know I could be doing more things online to make money. Yet, there's still only one of me and so far only a cloned sheep in existence. As far as I know.

So, let me ask you this...
do you now know I do makeup as well as write about makeup? Well, aaaallllllllrightythen! I think I made my point, even though I possibly should of named my blog something other than makeupbyj since it's all over the place. My first goal was to market me and my knowledge of the beauty industry from a professional's perspective. Then, after a while... I goaled myself toward total media world domination. Just kidding. I don't foresee me pimping out my main blog with different writers and such in order to do so. I personally don't want to lose the integrity of it just being me speaking to my main audience, which is you. Yes, you! Again, thank you for reading! Actually, who knows waaayyy far in the future.
Justin Bieber says "Never say never!"

Anyway, branding comes by different advertising platforms (print, digital) and social media channels. The more you have, the better your efforts in the quest for people seeing you. You also brand yourself by number of impressions. For my case in point, it's tweeting that takes the cake along with blog posts.

Now I ask you this... do you think it's good practice to always be selling stuff? I think not. Most would probably deem you as annoyingly spammy with no fun involved.

Marketing statistics show Twitter readers stay on the site an average of 20 minutes, give or take. So, hypothetically it would probably be good practice to tweet 3 times an hour, maybe 6 tweets an hour so each person can see a tweet of yours twice in their news feed. Then, they might actually begin to remember you.

How many people do you think would unfollow me if I started selling things with every tweet? Get out of town with your not thought-through ideas. Thanks. Bye.

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