Monday, January 20, 2014

FabKids has a new mom blog!

Back Zip Love Dress by FabKids, $24.95
NOW  just $10 on your 1st dress!
Get it here.
Sometimes I am such a fan girl! 

Other times, I'm just a girly girl. I like cute stuff. And I also like mom awesome stuff. I enjoy keeping up with the Internet and I'll even pin hopeful projects on Pinterest that I'll never have the time to fit in my mom schedule.

But fear not. Moms, we have hope! Stay in the fabulous fashion mama inner circle with the new FabKids Blog! Score one for mommy womankind.

This blog looks like it will give us a behind-the scenes look at FabKids photo shoots, the company, current promotions, mommy style tips, awesomely adorable lunch box recipes, children style tips, trendy kid fashion looks and finally overall cute mom awesome stuff.

Check it out here!

As with any fangirling goes, let me show you my favorite looks from FabKids right now... because trust me I'm an up-to-date cyber stalking fan girl! Bwa. Haa. Haaa. (evil witchy laugh)

Cosmic Court 8-pc. Wardrobe, $99.95
Get it here.

My son loves bright clothing. He also loves glow in the dark, so this collection is for him! The top left shirt is so soft. Little man loves the hood and the bright neon green parts. The pants that came with it in the 2-pc. set were denim and had an adjustable waist. Score.

With Love 9-pc. Wardrobe, $99.95
Get it here.

Mini-Me loves makeup, particularly lipstick, so this collection just screamed her name!

How cute is that dress with the kiss marks?! It's also perfect for Valentine's Day. You can also mix and match the leggings, which is a plus. The love shirt was really luxe in feel and very well made. It will also look so cute paired with the zebra leggings.

They're having two awesome promotions right now that you absolutely must know about. Get your first dress for $10! Also, their two-piece outfits are Buy 1 Get 1 Free and only $29.95. Score another one for Team You.

Who doesn't love this door to door service?

Shopping in your pajama pants is quite the added bonus!

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