Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex Dry Skin Essentials

Don't forget to bring your horses and bayonets in from the stable for the #polarvortex, friends. Those bayonets attached to Mister Ed's head like sharks with laser beams become extremely tiresome when icicles decide to nest up there. LOOK! The bayonets have their own bayonets!

So, are you breathing fire through your extremely dry nostrils yet? Probably your face feels the intense dryness as well. Here are some good-for-your-skin products to try, even if you've got the raunchiest of sensitively dry, frost bitten dermis damage going on.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $5.99
Get it here.
* Also comes in a gigantour tub *
Aquaphor ointment is the bomb dizzle for shizzle. Are your hands cracking? Lips need a little love? Apply this stuff lavishly. For extra amazing feet, put a layer on, top it off with socks and hibernate by sleeping in bed until the vortex is gone. Your bed = a black whole suitable for dreaming about Justin Bieber's abs. Who heard he's back with Selena?!

Oh yay yurrrs!

MAC Cleanse Off Oil, $30
Get it here.
MAC Cosmetics Cleanse Off Oil is the best non-drying facial cleanser in the world. Apply to dry skin, then splash water on it and voila! It becomes a milk. Are you obsessed with waterproof makeup? Then meet your new best friend. Oil takes off oil, friends. Remember, water and oil are arch enemies, kind of like Marvel & DC Comics.

MAC also makes this available in travel size ($10) for when you'd like to travel lightly to the arctic for your polar bear and narwhal sighting excursions. Narwhals are sooo cute, by the way...

Narwhal Print Art on Etsy, $15
Get it here.

Pur Minerals CC Cream with SPF 40, $38
Get it here.
Pur Minerals makes two nice products perfect for dry skin. The Intense Hydrating Moisturizer is gel-like in consistency and absorbs well. Also, just because it's cold out doesn't mean the sun isn't out. Try their CC Cream so you can protect & correct your skin erstwhile looking fantabulous.
Pur Minerals Soak It Up Moisturizer, $34
Get it here.

Neutrogena Body Oil, $9.99
Get it here.
See, this one time at band camp... what I had heard was the Body Oil by Neutrogena is awesome for shaving. Men and women alike simply love it. Or, slather it on right when you're done showering and right before you jump out, before you dry off.

It's available in two formulations, one with fragrance and one without. Oh yay yurrrs...

Naploeon Perdis Auto Pilot Lip Service, $25
Get it here.
If you've got some derelict dry lips, then Napoleon Perdis is your man with a plan. For luxe lips, splurge on this wonder Auto Pilot Lip Service infused with Vitamin E and menthol.

It's a little on the pricier side, but trust me when I tell you it's worth it!

Lanolin is like the best for cracked skin, lips and dish pan hands. Give it a whirl. If you're a new mom, surely you've got some laying around for other, more titillating reasons. Read this post here dubbed "What the heck is lanolin".

Kett Cosmetics Creme Blush Palette, $105
Get it here.
Kett Cosmetics makes an amazing cream blush palette. If your skin is dry, a cream blush is ideal. It will make you look more radiant as well as not powdery. A little goes a long way, friends. The creme blush is also available in singles at $15 each.

Selfie-tarians unite around this HD quality makeup line.

Instagram video yourself erryday, friends.

Pure shea butter is also great all over the body and face, but the polar vortex might be over by the time you can get the good, pure stuff shipped in from Africa. By the pound, it's super cheap. However, it's in a solid state until your hands warm it up. You can also microwave it in a Pyrex glass measuring cup for speedier application. Why Africa? Most in the US is not pure due to its solidity. They're always mixed with other oils and not as potent. Wa. Wahh. Wahhh.... Want to know more about shea butter? Clicky your mousey here.

Real Techniques Foundation Brush, $7.99
Get it here.
Another cool thing you can do is apply your moisturizer with a foundation brush to apply a thicker coat. Ooh! It's like a five minute, mini spa treatment I tell ya'.

This Real Techniques slanted foundation brush is budget friendly as well as synthetic, which means it can't harbor bacteria. YAY! Another foundation brush comes in the "Core Collection" Set (4 brushes) for only $17.99 as well.

Any who, comment back on what you recommend & I'll be sure to publish it. We're all in this moisture game. And we're in it to win it. With our icicle bayonets, of course.

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