Thursday, January 23, 2014

Try This: Fantabulash

Fantabulash Tape, 30 day supply, $18
Comes with lashes
Get it here.
Fantabulash is... well... fantabulous!

This new eyelash tape has me excited. It's actually a clear adhesive strip that you simply attach the false eyelash strip to and then voila! Effortlessly put that baby on your eye!

A common problem for women is getting their eyelashes on with the appropriate amount of glue. Most glues also smell like chemical death. Some women are even allergic to it. Do you really want to worry about all that getting near or in your eye?

Well, never again will you glue your lashes together or even worse make your eye water so bad that now all your makeup hard work is dripping down your face. Finally! A hypoallergenic, formaldehyde and latex free glue alternative band wagon that I'm not scared in the least to hop into! Giddy up, Fantabulash. This is how I roll. In a band wagon, being led by unicorns, wearing false lashes, looking & feeling fantabulous... it's a glorious new day, friends!

Check out Gina's story here about how the tape was developed. There are so many unique ways these lashes can help women with certain medical conditions & there's no better medicine sometimes than feeling good about yourself.

Amen. This company is awesome.

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