Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cannibals Amongst Us

As much as I'd like to write a tutorial or make up review, I just can't help but share this with you all.

Aaaaargh. With stories like these popping up all the time, I hate to admit I live in Florida, errr I mean HannibalLectorVille. It's something about our location to the equator that keeps bringing weirdos to reside amongst us I swear. Watch your cheeks, people. Guard them with your life. Sleep with one eye open and a fork in your hand ready for battle because zombies are for real, yo!
In some countries your cheeks are considered a delicacy. Call me names and beat me up, but please don't eat my already depleting collagen reserves in my cheeks...
Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo

From Miami Dade County, we bring you this whack job Rudy Eugene (featured in the far left pic) who was shot to death earlier after snarling at officers when ordered to stop eating a homeless guy's face. That's right. I couldn't make this crap up if I tried. Rudy was believed to be under the influence of "bath salts", which are not really the bath salts you put in your bath for relaxation purposes.

For some reason, parents, the code name is bath salts because they look like salt in a jar and if you're over the age of 18, you can buy these over the counter mainly at smoke shops. It's unclear what makes up this dangerous drug, but Dr. Drew said it resembles methamphetamine (a stimulant) mixed with ecstasy and can create irritability mixed with hallucinations lasting a couple of days. I just have to ask, what makes that kind of high so enticing to people? Regulators in the U.S. need to get on the banning bandwagon stat. Dr. Drew also had a guest call in whose husband abused the salts and the now ex-wife said that even though her ex is not taking them anymore, his entire demeanor is forever altered. His brain changed.

Ronald Poppo, the homeless guy, last I knew couldn't speak and was in critical condition needing several surgeries with only his goatee remaining intact. Did I also mention that Rudy was naked? It is unclear what made Rudy come into contact with Poppo in the first place. Rudy was from North Miami Beach and liked to go to South Beach for Memorial Day and Poppo frequented the bridge near where the attack happened. I guess he was the victim of not only cannibalism but also of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rudy's friends are also sticking up for him saying that he was a really nice guy and this incident was totally out of character. Toxicology reports won't be back for a couple of weeks, so the reason for the attack is a little vague as of right now. Parents, be careful because there is no test out yet that can detect the "bath salt" or spice (the fake marijuana) drug.
Knowledge is power. Increase awareness, decrease zombies.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol Finale Recap

Wow! It's been a long, exciting week in music, ehh?

And the winner of American Idol is...
(drum roll, please)

Scotty McCreary! Errr, I mean his spitting image doppelganger Phillip Phillips! Congratulations. Did I mention that his parents won the naming your kid a way overly way way way over the top overly redundant name award? He.He...

Phil Phil won with a record breaking 132 million votes. That's a lot of votes, man. Parents everywhere with tween and teen girls can rest a little better at night knowing that any cell phone overages caused by voting repeatedly are soon to go away. And, for any parents out there whose daughters just developed carpal tunnel this week, well, now you know why... Also, you could alternatively tell your daughters to be the first girl to set up a website asking him to next year's prom like Cady Eimer did to Justin Bieber this year. What?! It worked for her. If you missed that deliciousness, search my blog for it and it shall reveal itself.

Phil Phil was also very cute when he was crying and couldn't finish the song at the end, just in case you missed it.

Any who, the American Idol Finale was up to it's usual tricks of getting people to like Randy Jackson's catchphrases. This year was, "You could sing the phonebook!" & "Dude, you sung the phonebook!" So, of course, AI taped all the finalists literally singing the phonebook.
Click to View the Ridonkulous Yourself!

Randy's other catchphrases that didn't quite catch on this year were:
  • "Dude, you could sing my obituary!"
  • "You could sing about my urinary incontinence!"
  • "Dude, you've got karaoke night won!"
  • "Man, you could be the over the top singer in my church choir!"
  • "You look like hell, but your butter!"
  • "Wow, you've got singing in the shower on lock!"

Now I wonder why none of those stuck.

Moving on, Anyone see Lisa Rinna in the crowd? When the camera sped past her, I thought something looked a little unusual with her lips again.

Ooh! A really funny part of the night was when my five year old son was watching Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez intently. At the end when they were belting out the last notes trying to one up each other, he looks at me so matter of factly and says, "Mommy, these ladies are crazy." I couldn't contain myself. I laughed SO hard. It's times like these that I wish I had the camera rolling. Only later to use the footage to embarrass him with once he gets a girlfriend or married, of course. Just kidding.
Click & Look for "Crazy" Starting at 2:39 in the video!

AI also took the time to show us the inside of Steven Tyler's trailer and the walls were hot pink. I liked it but the verdict is still out on what the male population on earth has to say. With that being said, I love Steven Tyler and if there's one person who could pull it off other than Perez Hilton, would be Mr. Tyler. As some of you may not know, my claim to fame was being backstage at an Aerosmith concert in Tampa where those huge lips graced my forehead. Yup, he kissed me and I haven't washed my forehead since. Kidding.

All in all, this year's AI was great, but not like last year's. There was no Lady Gaga diving off cliffs. That, my friend, was awesome. Click for the 2011 performance!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grandma's Jail Time in Review

Again, another story that's like googling at a car accident scene:

Today we're skipping generations and starting "Grandmas is Review". Where do I begin? First off, my stomach is churning as I'm blogging this, but...
This is Sandra Layne, who is sitting in jail with no bond for open murder charges somewhere near Detroit. Below is Jonathan Hoffman, her grandson, who she shot eight times. Apparently he got shot, then called 911 for help, then she shot some more, some more bullets hitting him & two other bullets missing him for a grand total of ten shots.

It's being reported like this:
Jonathan apparently was starting to get into drugs as well as sell them. Then, this other kid goes crazy off of that fake marijuana called spice and shoots up his family. Sandra watches this unfold on the news. Later (No, I don't know exactly how much later...) cops get called to her house when grandson is making a scene in the street cussing. Sandra tells cops she is scared of her grandson and she can't control him. Now, Sandra buys a gun and a couple of months later the two get into an argument. Now her grandson is dead.

Jonathan, who may I remind you is 17. Like most kids I'm sure he rebelled and got into trouble. But shooting your own flesh and blood? Why, Sandra, did you continue to let this kid live with you if you were scared of him?

Dear Parents of Jonathan Hoffman:

You guys are total tool bags for putting your own selfish needs before your son's. Who "settles" into their new place in a new state halfway across the country from Detroit without their kids during their senior year?! Furthermore, most parents aren't that cruel to move during their senior year. So, the both of you had to move? I don't get it. When you get a divorce, don't you try to move away from each other, not near each other?! Obviously your lack of teaching your kid to respect his elders and not mouth off made Grandma go nuts. What? Just saying. I am in no way endorsing this Grandma, just being honest.

It's unfortunate what happens to kids during a divorce and apparently Jonathan got the short end of the stick, ending up at an alternative high school where drugs and disinterested kids go who are not graduating high school on their own, with their own will to succeed. It seems to me that this poor kid just needed some guidance and parental attention. Ever seen that good dad commercial where at the end they say "just being there is enough"? Well, it's kind of like that. Kids ultimately just want their parents approval and guidance. Now, if I were 17 you'd never ever hear me utter those words, though.

Hey news channels, why don't you report on the effects of breaking up a marriage as much as you're reporting on Obama being for gay marriage? It's my opinion that if you can vote, live in this country and die for your country, you should have some civil rights to enjoy the many benefits of being married on paper (such as health insurance). It's not like I'm setting up a spy cam and being forced to watch what goes on in between your sheets. Do what you want!

It's also my opinion that the older we get, the less the emphasis is on staying together. Seriously. Poor kid above. Pray for these people.

For Story from MSNBC, Click!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gator Boots, Gucci Suits & the Billboard Music Awards

Gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suits
Ain't got no job, but I stay sharp
Can't pay my rent, cause all my money's spent
But that's okay, cause I'm Still Fly...

Got a quarter tank of gas - in my new E class
But that's alright, cause I'm gon' ride
Got everythang - in my momma name
But I'm Hood Rich - dadah-dadah da-dah da-dah da-dah

Yes, while the above words are oddly reminiscent of senior year spring break, they still occasionally play in my head today. For all my friends that thought back then I was either mildly crazy or a little ghetto for loving Lil' Wayne, eat your heart out!
Weezy, errr... I mean Lil' Wayne took home 4 awards at the Billboard Music Awards 2012. Yay! His awards included Top Male Artist (and beat out Justin Bieber- Can you believe it?!), Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Album (The Carter IV), and an award for being on Kelly Rowland's "Motivation".

Anyway, for those of you that missed the Awards show, allow me to break it down to what I consider to be the most important...

Justin Bieber got Most Social Artist, which is really no surprise at all.
Bieber also won "Best Billboard Performance", with votes weighing in at over 41%.
Bieb's Performing "Boyfriend", Click!

Also, Justin surprised one of his fans, Cady Eimer with a date to the awards show after she started the website asking Justin Bieber to be her date to prom. Only the poor thing probably thought she was totally getting dissed by JB until the DJ played this video for her:
Watch her expression here, Click! (so cute!)
Anyway, congrats!

Getty Images

Adele stole the show with 12 wins including Top Artist. She looked so happy and grateful at the show. This chick deserves nothing but good.

For all you party rockers out there, LMFAO won Song of the Year for "Party Rock Anthem" while Lady Gaga got Top Dance Artist & Dance Album. Rihanna won Top Streaming Artist while Nicki Minaj (her name is Onika, but you can call her Nikki...heehee) won Top Streaming Video with "Super Bass". Jordin Sparks gave tribute to Whitney Houston singing "I will always love you".

Finally, Katy Perry got the Spotlight Award. For Perry having 5 songs from an album going #1, she ties Michael Jackson who had the record last.
Katy's "Wide Awake" Performance, Click!

Katy, who tweeted about her "smokin hot date" who came with her to the show was none other than Grandma! On her acceptance speech, she gave love to Grams and let the crowd know she couldn't wait to do shots with her at the after party. Lol. How adorable.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at the Billboard Music Awards!
ATTN: Artists... I am still for hire should you need a makeup artist for next year :O)  ...
LMAO, not to be confused with LMFAO...

TTYL, XOX! (Thanks Bella Thorne & Zendaya for another song that likes to stay in my head...Click for Mash Up Video! )
P.S.- LMHO stands for laughing my head off, in case you were wondering... I was!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Walgreens Beauty Sale Haul

Revlon Luxurious Color Smoky Crayon, On Clearance like $2.00 Buy One, Get One 50% off, Click Here

I bought this Revlon Luxurious Color Smoky Crayon & Liner IN-STORE ON CLEARANCE for cheap. Buy #007 in "Bronze Smoke".

Aveeno Living Color Shampoo, $2.00
Available In-Store Only

Studio 35 Beauty Cuticle Remover & Pusher, $1.99, Click!

I'm pretty sure I got duped. I don't think this is on sale. Waa. Waa.. Waa...

Milani Lip Flash, $2.99, Click!

I got this lovely Red color with a hint of orange to brighten up any drab red routine.
#03 in "Flash Light"
Normally $7.49!

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara, On Clearance like $2.00! Buy One Get One 50% off
BEST price is IN-STORE. I bought Waterproof #921 "Blackest Black".

Wet N Wild Idol Eyes, $.99 Click!

The colors you must buy:
-Pixie, nice frosty vanilla for a ONE STEP all over color or just underbrow and center corner of eye. Simply fill in all over and buff in with your finger or a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Makes a GREAT BASE for eyeshadows... will make eyeshadows stay on longer. Say goodbye to creasy shadows moving all over your eye!
-Techno, A nice, fun purple with irridescent blue/pink.
-Distress, An eyecatching navy metallic. I recommend lining with the darker shades Distress or Techno and if you want, go crazy with filling in your eyelid. Put Pixie in crease and below brow.

Toodles!You need these in colors Pixie, Techno & Distress!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eat Your Heart Out

This is either way too funny or purely coincidental, but...

Newscaster Robin Meade for HLNTV just reported an all-you-can-eat dispute THIS morning!

*NOT the actual restaurant's Sign* LOL.
Apparently somewhere in Wisconsin a Chinese restaurant stopped providing this weirdo guy with more fish. I think it said he had like 14 pieces and wanted more, people!
What do you think about a restaurant telling you to take it easy?! Obesity activists unite!
The server actually reported that this guy is a problem customer, though.
The link or the video isn't posted yet for me to share the actual story with you. Waa. Waa. Waa...

J&D's Bacon Lip Balm, $2.50
Buy it Here!

Now, for the bacon lover in us all (Can you tell I'm hungry?!) I happened across this gem. From the makers of Baconnaise & Bacon Salt comes...
Can you see an all-you-can-lick frenzy starting?
This lip balm is also vegetarian friendly. YAY!

MMMvelopes, $6.77 / pack of 25
Buy Here!

Alternatively, lick these bacon flavored envelopes!
Hmmm. Now let me think who I can "snail mail" just so I can use these.
C'mon and do your part to keep the postal service errr, well... in service!


Paula Deen's Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

Speaking of foody products that I LOVE...

Philosophy's 2 Piece Set, $18
Buy it Here!
Cinnamon Buns 3-in-1 Shampoo, Bubble Bath & Body Wash
Cinnamon Buns Highly Emollient Lip Balm Set

Demeter's Cinnamon Bun Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray, $6-$39.50
Buy it Here!

This scent is awesome. They also have a room spray. I like to spray this on my pillow before bed. For some reason this smell comforts me. I don't know why!

Anyway, allow me to leave you with a pic of this yummy goodness... One can dream.

Krispy Kreme Burgers
No, I don't have the recipe, but it seems pretty explanatory... burger, cheese, bacon, 2 donuts... condiments to your liking... lol.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finding Your Right Makeup Artist

So, J.- What are your tips for finding me my right artist?

(Why thank you & now that you mention it ;o) ...

Below are my tips for finding your right Makeup Artist anywhere you go to buy makeup.

Ben Nye Color Makeup Wheel, $15
Actual Face Paint & Glitter, Click Here!
Kryolan Glitter Lites, Cosmetic
Grade, $3.55

1.) Make sure your artist doesn't take you out of your comfort zone. This is a HUGE one. There's nothing I hate more than hearing from women is this one. "The artist made me look like Ru-Paul, and I barely wear mascara every day!" I think...."Wow. That artist is gonna' have a lot of returns." Returns get minused off our sales goals and if I'm in a commissionable store, the money gets taken out of my paycheck. A good artist knows that. Plus, I want to know that when you go home you will be happy and be able to repeat what I taught you. Whether you wear one or two makeup products on your face or a hundred, every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel like they're working in their comfort zone with their own makeup routine.

Kandee Johnson's DIY cell phone case
Click here for Instructions!

2.) Also, if you have an artist who doesn't stay in touch, they're not doing their jobs. What? At least I'm honest! Here's my advice if you think you're not getting paid enough attention to. You're probably not. Leave them now. It's also our job to create a client card on you from day one, so we get to know you. We will write down things about your skin, you,  & the colors we used to create a look. That way... if I'm doing my job and inviting you back in later for more makeup sessions or an event we're pushing... I can sell you again. Now, with that being said, I won't make a client card if I know you don't have a lot of time or are looking for something specific. But, I will give you my business card at the very least.

3.) Look for an artist whose makeup you like or would like to try. I'm not stupid. I know I have to look good on the days I work. I know you may ask me what I'm wearing AND you may buy it.
Cute Kids Printable Weekly Calendar
Click Here!

4.) Makeup artists have more time to spend with you on weekdays rather than weekends. As illustrated above, the weekdays are CLEARLY longer, Duh! Hee.Hee.He. In fact, some stores have a $50 minimum purchase in product to even book an appointment for a makeover on weekends.

5.) Be honest with your artist. If you're only planning on buying one thing, holler at a sister. Let me know that. I will be more inclined to not suggest a lot of stuff you don't want. Also, this may differ from artist to artist- but personally I'd rather make you up even knowing you won't buy because I don't like to sit around and twiddle my thumbs. Plus, I like to educate everyone I meet. You never know when someone will come back to buy when they liked your advice and techniques.

Good luck! It may take a couple trial makeovers to tell if you like the way that particular artist did your makeup, but you'll find a good one. Get picky and don't get discouraged! After all, it's just makeup!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Skin Healthy Supplements

That's right. I dream of McDonald's.
There, I said it.

One can dream.
Also, when I do a long cardio session I imagine a double cheeseburger and salty fries being at the end of my treadmill to motivate me. I love food. The more processed and unnatural the better. But deep down, I know I'm not doing my skin any favors. Below are some skin healthy supplements that will help you get what you need into your system when you have those delicious lapses in judgment.

No, F U!

Water. Simple. Right? Not for everyone. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I like to get the bigger bottles so I can keep track more easily than always counting to 8. Note to Self: Practice what you preach, J!
Water is beneficial to remove toxins & carry nutrients to your cells. It also proves essential for all your organs to do their jobs properly and also to hydrate you.

Blatantly increasing table turnover...

Vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is essential for your body to make more collagen. Collagen depletes itself the older you get. If Vitamin C upsets your tummy, try it's alternative Ester C, who remains neutral on the level of acidity compared to Regular C, which is acidic.
Don't believe the hype that you're OK because its in your skin care products. C's are best absorbed when taken orally.

The 1st sign things are not going your way here

Fish Oil. That's right, your Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthier skin. Your body cannot make this. These days you can also find tasteless and odorless variations, which are awesome.
Omegas work to keep moisture in your skin and the irritants out. They are also preferred by psoriasis and eczema patients in reducing inflammation and increasing the effectiveness of other meds when taken conjunctively.
Take Omegas when pregnant to ensure your babe's brain health as well.

A Stomach Ache Waiting to Happen

Co enzyme Q10. Though your body produces it, remember the lapses in judgment AKA McDonald's. Take this supplement in the morning as it can be as stimulating as coffee.
Co-Q10 plays a key role in producing energy in your cell's mitochondria. Since skin cells regenerate all the time, we want your mitochondria to be doing its job at an optimum level.
Co-Q10 is also used to lose weight and jump start diets.

Note to Parents with Toddlers:
We Don't Want You Here!

Evening Primrose Oil. Why? It's another fatty acid, an Omega 6 to be exact. This oil is squeezed from the seed of the evening primrose plant.
This powerful supplement helps your skin make ceramides to hold onto water more effectively. Definitely use it to help if you have psoriasis, eczema and acne.
The gamma-linoleic acid is used by the body, then converts to a precursor of your body's natural hormone makers. Though sometimes I curse my hormones, they're unfortunately essential.

I hope this gives you something to chew on (other than a double cheeseburger). I am not a doctor or a scientist, though. I have, however, worn a lab coat which gets me thinking as to why some of the department store cosmetic counters wear white lab coats... is it that some marketing guru somewhere told the cosmetic company that they will appear more intelligent and more qualified to tell you what to buy? Lol.

always run supplements by your doctor to make sure there are no interactions or side effects with any medications you may be taking.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Moms in Review

* This one's dedicated to one "special" lady today. *

So, yesterday there I was...
slacking off in between sets at the gym minding my own business. I look up at the TV and BAM! There you are giving fake eyelashes everywhere a bad name! (They made such a big deal about it on Bay News 9 that she still had on her fake eyelashes.)

I still heart you eyelashes, though. Just not the ones below.

I turn tricks to shower, Rhonda Perry said in my head.
Where do I begin on this one?

This is Rhonda Perry, who apparently strips at Mons Venus but yet can't seem to pay her basic necessity bills. Rhonda was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail yesterday for leaving her 2 year old home alone while she went to work at Mons Venus. Classy.

Joe Redner also took up for the girl and said he wouldn't fire her over this incident and if she wants her kid back she'll need to work. Puh-lease. You disgrace me. Seriously.
police told reporters that the neighbors heard a lengthy cry of a baby and called cops. When they got there, they found the toddler alone in a soiled shirt, no pants OR diaper on, and the bathtub filled with black water and feces on the walls. Sick.
I just have to ask...
Woman, if you're stripping to pay the bills...
how come you can't afford the $50 bucks a night to hire a sitter and $50 bucks a week for a maid,
then what in the heck are you doing with your money? 
 You apparently are able to post bail of $2,000... Hmmm.

I know, reading this one is like staring at a car wreck. You pass the wreck and you know you don't really want to see anything sick, but you gotta look anyway.

Happy early Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms I know who don't do this. Thanks, Rhonda, for ensuring me about my parenting skills. haaa. haa. ha.

I really hope that a pair of my line of eyelashes never gets into your hands on accident. I simply cannot endorse that hot mess.



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Confessions of a Makeup Artist

Don't be scurred & confused the next time you want to buy makeup...

While I do a lot of on-location work (that's where I make a pretty penny), I've also worked in freestanding makeup and department stores. I'm sure you wonder how we get paid depending on the store you go to. Some women tell me that they dreaded even coming to the counter because they were afraid I worked off commission.

There are two ways a makeup artist gets paid- hourly only or hourly plus commissions usually 3% of the gross sale. So for every $100 I sell in this particular case, I can give myself a $3/hr raise for that hour. It's true that there's a lot of money in the cosmetics slinging business (for the corporate cosmetic line, not me). So whether I'm an artist at a freestanding MAC or a department store, the bottom line is we all have to make numbers.

Please tell me you see the MAC store in the back of the Avengers trailer!

The bosses and higher ups always try to outdo their last year in sales and we get reprimanded if we're not hitting our sales goals. I could even lose my job. Sometimes the schedules are performance based, too. Most stores also measure your UPT's (units per transaction) and is usually goaled at 3 per transaction- so, if you find your artist almost always recommending something at the end or selling you a cute lil' something "conveniently" located at the register, you're absolutely NOT crazy AND it happens.

Some department stores will also push new collections and limited editions. This is called a "pre-sell" so I will try to talk to you about it before it even comes out and will line you up for purchase the day it comes out. This practice helps the bosses know how much additional product they must sell on the day it comes out AND it also creates limited quantities the day of sale. It also ensures the store that they will move all the inventory.

Now, should someone find that MAC is pre-selling Limited Edition Avenger makeup, LET ME KNOW! Line me up and sell me ASAP. Lol.


P.S.- I am for hire to take makeup shopping with ya', so no need to call 1-800-ASK-GARY...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moms in Review

This week's Moms in Review is soooo exciting!

Word just broke on that Demi Lovato is joining Britney Spears as a judge on X Factor. That's cute, Simon. And very smart. Recruit all the Mouse Ears you can and you're guaranteed (at least for me) to watch this season's X Factor!  I personally cannot wait to enjoy every second of my Brit Brit lighting up the TV.
I just had to show you this cute pic I found from the internets. This is a makeup blog after all, y'all! Now with the cool $50 million Brit's reportedly getting paid to judge, she can finally hire me to do her makeup instead of her boys, lol.

Beyonce, People Mag's 2012 Most Beautiful Person, shows off her post baby bod in St. Bart's in April. New moms everywhere can finally relax knowing that it took her 4 mos. at 5 days a week working out to lose that 40 lbs she put on. So, Mommies if it takes you a little longer, don't be so hard on yourselves. In this economy I'd rather my kid have shoes to wear than me have a trainer, too.

Moving on, Jessica Simpson had her baby FINALLY. Congrats and welcome to the new Mommy Club, where we don't care what you name your baby as long as you love her. Simpson got flack about naming her baby Maxwell Drew Johnson. Whatever floats your boat, Jess. I'm on your side. Does she have ten fingers and ten toes and is breathing air? Ok then. And Snooki, shame on you for talking about you taking a "healthier" stance about your preggo food eating habits than Jess. Jess enjoyed herself and her "one time" it was acceptable in society to eat what you want. SO what. Last time I checked jellies had sugar in them. Unless you're just guilty of feeding your babe man-made chemicals. But, I won't rip too much since you haven't yet joined the club. I know I had all kinds of pre-conceived notions. Then after I had kids, I threw them out the window...

However, if it's one thing we can agree on Snooks is this: WHO takes their kid tanning with them? Yup, Patricia Krentcil is not only guilty of child endangerment, but also of wearing a strange color of skin. And, in this mugshot apparently black lipliner just on the lower lip. Hmmm. Makes me wonder. Her skin changes color in almost every media I've seen her in this far. You let me know if I'm crazy or if you agree with me, would ya'?!


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