Monday, December 15, 2014

The Fashion Hot List: Quilting Is In

While the idea of snuggling in a quilt around the fire sounds superb right now, there are other more fashionable ways to rock quilting this Winter. Enjoy these JustFab picks and then make yourself some hot cocoa to sip while donning fashion's hottest trend! Let the snuggling begin.

Shop JustFab here.

Quilted Moto Jacket

Shoes & Bags: 
(Top To Bottom Left)
Losira Heeled Boot in Black
Lallia Boot in Grey
JF Achieve Bag in Black
Gera Boot in Black
Opulence Bag in Dark Cobalt
Berria Tall Boot in Black
Globetrotter Bag in Black


Inspired Style: Get Princess Kate's Chic Look

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, visited New York City last week with her husband Prince William. 

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, steps out in
NYC for a dinner date with hubby Prince William.

Amidst meeting with President Obama, visiting children's centers and spreading advocacy for wildlife causes, this super adorable couple were still able to find some time to embark on a private dinner date.

We're loving her classic look and you can replicate it with some inspired pieces from Sears and Chinese Laundry. For elegant yet chic style, opt for a black lace dress. Pair it with a simple clutch, metallic jeweled drop earrings and a classic black pump. Now you're good to go! Enjoy.

Kardashian Kollection Lace Sheath Dress, $89
Get it here.

PalmBeach 2.35 TCW Round CZ
Sterling Silver Drop Earrings, $49.99
Get them here.

AX Paris Lace Bodycon Dress, $55.50
Get it here.

Metaphor Briolette Jewel Drop Earrings, $24
Get them here.

Covington Pointelle Sheath Dress, $80
Get it here.

Emitations Moa's Pave CZ
Pear Shaped Dangle Earrings, $95.99
Get them here.

JBS Women's Lace Dress, $90
Get it here.

PalmBeach 34.70 TCW Pear-Cut CZ
Sterling Silver Drop Earrings, $62.99
Get them here.

Buxton Jackie Organizer Clutch, $40
Get it here.

Black Suede Copertina Pump, $129.95
Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry
Get them here.

Also, a ton of these picks are on sale at Sears.
Score one for thrifty womankind!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Songs To Love Now: Heroes Don't Surrender

Moms Get Your Match On

Calling all moms with daughters!
There's nothing as fabulous as getting style tips from your kids. Furthermore, I know I've thought to myself, "Gee, I wish they made that cuteness in my size!" Well, now you can have your matching style cake and eat it, too. Typically known for really cool sneakers, Gotta Flurt has an assortment of shoes that match in toddler, girls and womens sizes.

Charm in Hot Pink
Womens $32.99
Toddler $24.99
Kids $29.99

Enjoy the find of the century, Moms!

Rihanna's Dinner Date Style: Get Her Look For Less

Rihanna on Dec. 2 in London
Rihanna stepped out last week for a dinner date with Naomi Campbell in London. Don't you love her casual look?! Check out these inspired pieces below so you can replicate it yourself this Winter season. Thanks, Sears & Chinese Laundry!

Neapolitan Pointy Toe Leather Pump, $69.95
In Shade Mushroom
Get it here.

Metaphor Silvertone Snake Chain Necklace, $34
Get it here.

Metaphor Women's Short-Sleeve T-Shirt, $8.98
Get it here.

Metaphor Destructed Skinny Jeans, $21.99
Get it here.

Covington Faux Wool Overcoat, $120
On Sale Now $59.99
Available In 4 Colors
Get it here.

Metaphor Humphry Satchel Handbag, $75
On Sale Now $45
Get it here.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Limited Edition Holiday Makeup: Too Faced At Ulta Beauty

Friends! Take a look at these limited edition makeup sets by Too Faced Cosmetics. Some are exclusive to Ulta as well. Enjoy!




Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where To Go At The Makeup Show Orlando

The Makeup Show Orlando 2014 is upon us! 
Can you feel the excitement?

The Makeup Show is getting ready to 
phase us so call us obsessed.

Before you embark on your epic beauty journey, the best way to navigate the crowds is by figuring out a plan of where to go. Also, be sure to check out all the keynote speakers as there are some pretty amazing makeup artists that you won't want to miss.

See you soon!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Remember This HD Foundation For Centuries

Turn up! For centuries!

Cargo HD Picture Perfect Liquid Foundation, $36
Get it here.
When there's new beauty news, we're totes reporting on the deliciousness. Cargo Cosmetics just launched their new liquid HD foundation and we're smitten with its coverage.

Below are the swatches on my super pasty forearm. Don't judge now. This blogger sees more computer screens and fluorescent lighting at beauty counters than sun these days....

Viva this foundation formulation and self tanners for centuries. For real. Below is the exact verbage to describe the unique, selfie-perfect formulation...

"Featuring photochromatic pigments that adjust with lighting, this high-definition liquid foundation by CARGO gives you a lightweight, picture-perfect finish."

Product Features
- Micronized minerals fill in the look of fine lines.
- Irregular particle sizes create a light-dispersion effect to soften the appearance of imperfections.
- Oil free.

If I had to describe the coverage, I would definitely have to say it's medium to full coverage depending on what type of makeup brush you use to apply it. That and a little bit goes a super long way. I might also advise you to try applying it with Cargo's Magic Brush. It's obviously... wait for it... magic!

Any who, this product is worth its weight in gold and can be found at Kohl's stores nationwide. 


Friday, September 19, 2014

Shake Off That Dry Skin With Exuviance

Sometimes you've just got to shake it off...
Shake off that dry skin, that is!

Exuviance Performance Peel AP 25, $75
Shop Exuviance here.
If you're looking for a really great product that can address fine lines, correct hyperpigmentation and slough off dry skin, look at none other than Exuviance. 

This company actually created the glycolic peel, so it's super safe to say that you're in good cosmeceutical hands. Dermatologist recommended, the Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 is a 25% 10-minute peel that has never ever given me any kind of irritation like some other peels I've tried. 

For optimal results, Exuviance recommends applying it twice a week for four to six weeks. You will love how smooth and bright your skin looks after the peel. This peel also doesn't make your skin flake off days after using it which is a major plus. Any who, we love it and you should try it.

Current promotions Exuviance is running is that you can get one Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 treatment FREE with any order. Enter code PEELSAMPLE at checkout and shop the site by clicking above.

Another favorite of mine worth looking at while you're shopping the site is the Vespera Bionic Serum. While it also addresses a myriad of skin issues, it's clinically proven to visibly improve skin radiance 212% in only six weeks. Sometimes I'll use this as my night moisturizer with nothing on top of it as it absorbs like a charm. Marry this serum with the Performance Peel and you're sure to see dramatic results.

Enjoy, and don't forget to shake it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fuzzies: A Sky Full Of Stars For Your Feet

If you've never tried a pair of Fuzzies, well then... you're missing out! The insides are so luxe and comfy. I can attest to their fabulousness. It's okay. 'Tis the season to get your shop on as the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in stock. Sham wow with awesome sauce on top. Do you ever wonder what this latte would say to you? Follow her on Twitter, y'all...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Shopping Carts Full Of Music Videos

First things first... I Poppa freaks all the hunnies. Oops. Wait a second. That might be an entirely different song meant for those peoples in different area codes.

In order to watch the below music videos, you're going to need a shopping cart. Then once you've located one and stolen it, you're going to want to fill that bad boy up with some black lingerie that Calvin Harris is a big fan of and some random large letters which are apparently really easy to find...

Furthermore, I'm not going to blame it on the night. Blame yourself. Is it merely coincidental that it's only the women jumping down the sinister water hole of guilty doom? John Newman just stated that she only wanted to talk. Who's to blame here other than guy sharks with laser beams? We think this music video might have a few hidden meanings if you know what I mean. You know who I blame it on? Those chicks going to clubs with their bum cheeks hanging out. Who does that on a real life basis?! Seriously. Bums should be left for the bedroom as I feel super guilty even posting this rated R video of bodacious blame. So there.

Alexa has a wonderful voice and we're totally hiring her to find letters for our room decorations, by the way. We suspect Alexa will be a big time artist. You should check out some of her covers by searching her name on YouTube. She can seriously sing so many genres of music. You go girl! Lay your music love down on the nation because we're listening!

Finally, check out Wolf Gang. We're way into them, considering that their name reminds us of epic vampire sagas and all. Rock on. Lay your love down, but only if it includes werewolves and vampires... then don't blame anybody but yourself...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bringing Sexy Back

Are you wanting a sexy back?
Cue in Justin Timberlake because guess what....

Shop Fabletics here.

Fabletics helps you define and build your back with these excellent exercises to add to your workout routine. These moves are so awesome that we shall stop typing now and try to get a Fabletics Master MC Holcomb back along with some First Lady Michelle Obama arms. Yay!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blogger Secrets

Is this like a blogger's theme song or something? 
For real.

Do bloggers have secrets? You don't say.

John The Toy Shop Guy
Click here.
There are several secrets bloggers are not happy about revealing such as but not limited to the fact that when you start blogging, you're not going to be Lego Movie's "The Special" overnight. 

At times you might even find yourself feeling like you're stuck in the Kragle instead. No blogger I know will ever tell you that it takes years to develop your voice and readership. 

Unless you're already a celebrity who starts a blog, the real deal holyfield truth of blogging success is that you should probably be realistic with what you're getting yourself into. The fact of the matter is that a normal person should put their blog business on a five year to ten year success plan. The very same goes for making money at it as well. Is it possible? Ummm.... yes. Is it slightly unrealistic to expect to make money at it even after two years? Ummm... yes. Define success anyway. From blogger to blogger, the definition of a blog's success varies greatly.

Take this for example. One day you wake up and decide to start a blog about your passion in life. This is typically how most start. Now consider this. Have you ever ran a blog before? I think not. It's going to take you a while to learn your craft right down to how to do things, write things and design things. Also, as most bloggers consider your new blog the future competition, there are very few informative sites out there that are willing to put their secrets out there for you to replicate. Some, however, that I happen to find valuable are Pro Blogger, Spice Up Your Blog & iFabbo.

With all that being said, here's why I don't care 
and am helping you...

1- With great risk or power comes great success or responsibility, just stated Spiderman. Those bloggers that remember you helping them with their start will more than likely continue to give you blog and social media love even when they've grown themselves. The way I view it is that us bloggers are a team who also happen to understand the importance of making connections. We're all in this bandwagon together taking a journey from Crazy Town to Extreme Successville. 

Furthermore, the people and companies who have worked with me before considerable success will continue to benefit greatly when page hits increase. Honey, you can't break these bonds and connections I've made even if you were Thor swinging a mjolnir at my blog. There's a few handfuls of people I enjoy working with and it honestly doesn't benefit them if I work with hundreds of lines in the future. Plus it makes my job even more confusing. For example, I might work with say five shoe lines total. Ever. I don't want you buying everyone under the sun's shoes. I want you to buy from the ones that have shown me kindness as I have a vested interest in their success. Okay, back to the main points...

2- There is no way for one person to replicate another person's blog and marketing tactics exactly. Unless you can literally, figuratively or physically crawl up into my strange brain, replicating me to a T ain't happening.

Haters, defined...
3- If you build it, they will come. Some bloggers don't know for sure what they're building. As a former marketing and advertising consultant, I see value in what you're doing, whether you realize it or not. Back in the day, print advertising was hot and everyone wanted to know the circulation rates. Clients wanted to know exposure and basically what they were getting for their money. Makes sense, right? In essence, bloggers are building digital ad agencies. We're talking writing & promotional services, digital ad space, social media marketing and such. All of the things that you're doing as a blogger can be monetized. But in the end, Kevin Costner, you can't be charging clients if you're not proving value by way of numerous page hits.

Rock on, friends. Secrets or not.

NYFW Salutes The Runway

This is truly some exciting news...
Can we get a huge shout out of approval for this fabulousness below?!

As you all know, New York Fashion Week is well underway. But did you know that it was kicked off by some very special military ladies rocking some amazing designer duds, gorgeous makeup and envious hair? 

In an effort to honor the service women of this country who risk it all for freedom, designers like Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, DKNYMara HoffmanCarmen Marc Valvo & Michael Kors donated the clothing that these ladies rocked on the runway. The one and only Bobbi Brown showed up to do their miraculous makeup while Aveda brought their fierce hairstyles front and center. Even supermodels Hilary Rhoda & Lauren Hutton took the time to give these ladies some runway pointers. Bravo!

The Salute The Runway event was put on to bring awareness to the struggles that some of these military women face after they come back from assignments. Their struggles are real and range anywhere from stress disorders to learning to walk again.

This piece of news is so exhilarating. Cheers to womankind and the military! Shout outs to the amazing people who participated in putting this NYFW fabulousness together.

Click here to read this InStyle article to learn more about the event. Also, feel free to click on any of the above names to shop these companies who helped put it all together. 

Jerry Maguire just stated, "Help me help you help the people so that they may continue helping the people who help people!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall's Hottest Fashion: A Kate Hudson Favorite

Talk about a shirt you can wear two ways! Available exclusively at Fabletics, the switch back tee can be worn anywhere from the gym to a casual night out on the town. We love the variety of colors it comes in as well. They're featured below.

Switch Back Tee
 In Black
VIP Member Price $19. 95
Kate Hudson paired her switch back tee with a scarf and shorts. The model above paired hers with the Fabletics Vaasa Sports Bra and capri leggings appropriate for basically any type of dance, yoga or workout routine that you could dream up. Try it at night this Fall with a cami underneath, a pair of skinny jeans and either some booties or knee boots. A statement necklace couldn't hurt either. This is definitely a super cute shirt that offers versatility and comfort. Can we buy it in every color?! We sure hope so. Snag yours before I get to purchasing back ups!

Switch Back Tee
 In Cobalt

Switch Back Tee
 In White

Switch Back Tee
 In Heather Grey

Switch Back Tee
 In Mulberry

I ain't freakin', I ain't fakin' this.
Shut up and don't let me go, Switch Back Tee...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Interesting News

Erica the babysitter & baby Alex
If you're that parent who leaves a long laundry list of items on how a babysitter should take care of your kids, then check this out.

Bordering on genius, this babysitting pair had some fun with Photoshop when asked to take extremely cautious care of their friend's baby.

That's the motto that we YOLO... erryday...
SMH. Millennials are coining new words because YOLO.

Click here to see which ones made it into the online Oxford dictionary. We honestly weren't sure what a few of them meant until we read that amazeballs article. Thanks for mansplaining these wordy wonders to this hot mess right here. PS- I love, love, love my fandom of peoples. You rock.

Finally, Taylor Swift makes some pretty flying horses and bayonets with Jimmy Fallon. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lipstick Light Sabers

Can we just talk a hot second about Ariana's new music video?! 

It's so cute that we don't even have to get into the fact that there's a lipstick light saber in it! Where do you get one of those, by the way? It's awesome!

My Beauty Mind = Blown

Day = Made

Highlight & Contour Like A Pro

Highlighting and contouring is so hot right now! One look at how it can slim as well as sculpt a face and you'll never want to stop doing it. Typically reserved for celebrities, film and TV applications, this is a huge makeup trend that is here to stay. Thankfully with these favorite products featured in this Vine and below, every woman can accomplish what appears at first sight to be an extremely difficult task to replicate. Read on, friends.

Gleam Body Radiance, $15 - $40
Shop it here.
First off, Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills is normally used all over the body. It's actually a body and face makeup that conceals, brightens and perfects. 

It comes in four colors: 
~ Light Gold
~ Rose Gold
~ Bronze Gold
~ Deep Gold

Shade Light Gold makes the best highlighter ever when mixed with foundation. To pull off this highlight like a pro, mix some into your liquid foundation and be sure to use a foundation which is at least two shades lighter than your normal color. You will love how the yellow conceals red in the face, too. I use this whenever I want to feel like a princess because the smell is so divine and angelic. It's one I can never forget as my foundation brush has never ever smelled so good.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, $30
Shop it here.
Typically when contouring, you'll want to use a matte bronzer just like the pros do.

Too Faced Cosmetics makes their matte bronzer in two shades: Milk Chocolate & Chocolate.

For lighter skin tones, Milk Chocolate works well for an understated contour. However, with that being said, my favorite that works on most everyone is the Chocolate shade. You are going to love that this bronzer is made with real cocoa powder and smells like the real deal Holyfield of chocolate. Cocoa powder is packed with antioxidants, so your skin will love you as well. 

My Sculpted Face by It Cosmetics, $38
Shop it here.
My Sculpted Face by It Cosmetics is quite handy.

Who doesn't love a palette assortment of color anyway? Seriously. Not only are these shadows waterproof, but they are also made with jojoba oil and Vitamin E. You can shop this palette online via their site or use the Ulta Beauty locator to see if your local store carries this line. While you're in Ulta Beauty for hours, be sure to feel the It Cosmetics makeup brushes. They are quite possibly the most luxe brushes ever made. I'm so obsessed that I could cuddle them like a teddy bear from the convenience of my bed. Don't wake me from this amazing dream.

The Sculptor by Tarte Cosmetics, $24
Shop it here.

Tarte Cosmetics just came out with this splendiferous contour pencil.

Made in the signature Park Ave Princess shade, The Sculptor Pencil is formulated with Vitamins C & E. It also features Amazonian clay which helps it to be very long-wearing.

TEMPTU Pro Concealer Wheel, $26
Shop it here.

This right here is the high definition concealer that ends all.

If you're taking a photo, you might want to try TEMPTU's silicone based concealer wheel. The silicone acts as a primer on the skin, diminishing pores and fine lines with its super smooth texture.

This wheel will also last you forever and the price point is very nice. It's a seriously great addition to anyone's makeup kit.

TANtalizer Duo by Lorac Cosmetics, $32
Travel Size, $12
Shop them here.

Lorac Cosmetics makes a duo highlighter and matte bronzer.

Ulta Beauty online also makes this duo in a
travel size as the original is quite large in size. Hey now. You're getting a ton of product for the price, though. We enjoy the healthy mirror size and even use the highlighter as an all-over one color eye shadow look when I need to get ready quickly. Throw on some mascara, minimal contouring and highlighting, a pop of color on the cheek and a bright lipstick and you'll look perfectly polished in really no time at all.

Just plain tired or droopy around the eye?
Try this!
Finally, we shall end this highlighting discussion with a splurge and a steal as my obsession with luminizing concealer pens runs deep. 

Normally these types are gel based and contain brighteners right in the formulation. I like the built-in applicator for easy touch ups, even though most times I paint them on and then use a foundation brush to blend anyway. For a pro application, paint these types on after you've foundationed and contoured. Don't forget to put a little on the outer eye at a 45 degree angle for a very lifted look. To your left, I've illustrated my little trick I use on those blah feeling days. I don't care if you're 20 or 80. This trick makes everyone look well rested and lifted.

YSL Touche Eclat, $41
Shop it here.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch, $7.99
Shop it here.

Want to know more about what I think about highlighting & contouring?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Beauty News

Rihanna's Rogue for Men
Available September 2014

Go Rogue!

With Rihanna's new fragrance for men, that is. Available in September, this fragrance we predict will get a nomination for a FiFi Award just like the women's version.

It's a super busy week for Rihanna as her new MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Collection was also just revealed. While it's not for sale yet, the lipstick looks to be in the frosty brown family. The lipglass I'm predicting will be adored by all and would be just perfect for a teenager to wear to school.

Congrats, Rihanna!

Rihanna's Viva Glam 2 Imagery
Shop MAC here.

Viva Glam Rihanna 2
MAC lipstick swatch

Viva Glam Rihanna 2
MAC lipglass swatch

Shark by Tara, $24.95
Get it here.

Oh, yay! 

It's a Sharknado you can wear without getting your arm bitten off only to be replaced with a saw hand! 

Tara Reid just launched her own fun fragrance, Shark by Tara. Available through her website, the fragrance boasts notes of lavender, jasmine, amber, musk, iced mint and more. 

Perversion Mascara, $22
Get it here.

The new Urban Decay Perversion mascara as well as the Subversion lash primer are here. For a limited time when you shop Perversion through the Urban Decay website, you'll also receive a deluxe sample of the primer. Not bad for $22, ehh?

Also, their current promotion is if you spend $30, Urban Decay will give you $30 in free gifts. Yay! This promotion is only going on for a week, so make like a tree and leaf whatever it is you're doing right now and shop, shop, shop Urban Decay.

The Amrezy Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, $29
Get it here.
Next up, Anastasia Beverly Hills just launched the Amrezy palette. It's exclusive to her website and Ulta Beauty. 

Amrezy is an amazing makeup artist that you should follow on Instagram by clicking here or on Twitter by clicking here.

It includes several useful neutral shadows as well as two fun and fairly bright colors made to jazz up any neutral look. Might I add that the green & purple would be so pretty as an eyeliner? Oops. I just did. Just be sure to stock up on a liner sealer. 

Graftobian, Trish McEvoy & Stila Cosmetics all make an amazing eyeliner sealer, by the way. As always, I must leave you all with very valuable information. Learners and beauty lovers unite.

What the outside of the Amrezy Palette looks like...
Anastasia Beverly Hills

4-in-1 Pressed Foundation, $27
Shop the sale here.
Finally, Pur Minerals is buy-one-get-one-free at Ulta this week. This includes the pressed powder foundation, primers & CC cream.

Stock up, friends! This sale only happens once a year.

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