Thursday, August 14, 2014

Interesting News

Erica the babysitter & baby Alex
If you're that parent who leaves a long laundry list of items on how a babysitter should take care of your kids, then check this out.

Bordering on genius, this babysitting pair had some fun with Photoshop when asked to take extremely cautious care of their friend's baby.

That's the motto that we YOLO... erryday...
SMH. Millennials are coining new words because YOLO.

Click here to see which ones made it into the online Oxford dictionary. We honestly weren't sure what a few of them meant until we read that amazeballs article. Thanks for mansplaining these wordy wonders to this hot mess right here. PS- I love, love, love my fandom of peoples. You rock.

Finally, Taylor Swift makes some pretty flying horses and bayonets with Jimmy Fallon. Enjoy!

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