Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year of Brave

Just look at all these courageous women! Someone passed them awesome sauce for sure. Now some of you might call 2013 the year of brave, but let's make 2014 even braver.

Say what you want to say. If you don't take a stand on issues you care about like bullying, protecting children, saving animals, the earth or whatever... you'll probably end up regretting it and no one will hear it. Activate the world of change with your singular voice. Then, when others do the same, it becomes an 'Nsync or 1D band. Am I right or am I right?! You speaking your mind just might spark an idea revolution and quite possibly even inspire others to join you.

So, what are you waiting for? 

You wanna' know what happens when you don't say what you want? Silence. Regret. Hurt. Annoyed feelings. Finally, you become a door mat and people continue to walk all over you because they don't know where you stand. Let's make a toast to 2014 being the year of the braver!

If I haven't told you lately, thank you for reading my voice. It's very therapeutic, this whole writing thing. I thoroughly enjoy it & appreciate the heck out of you all! Best wishes for a Happy New Year! Stay safe, my friends! Looking forward to new beginnings in the year of the orchid color!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Motivational Mondays

Be phenomenal.

Amen to this video! 
I don't always ponder my phenomenalness, but when I do...
I like to watch motivational videos and post them. 

Then I channel Waterboy's Rob Schneider 
while wearing my "Find Your Ness" t-shirt to tell you all...


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Funday With Lorde

Who in here loves this song?! I want to learn how to run things. And I'm not very pretty. So there. It's official news now that Lorde made this song just for me!

Lorde also wants to let you know that she's kind of tired of getting told to throw her hands up in the air. So there. Me personally, I'm kind of tired of getting told to do anything at all. Where's my maid already? Geez. Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can help you hire people to do stuff for you. 

"Yeah, baby, yeah! Now that's what I'm getting 
randy chit chatting about baby, yeah!" 
            - just screamed Austin Powers -

Meanwhile, sharks with laser beams are really upset that horses and bayonets have stolen some of their thunder. They're waging war, so I guess I'm the middle man between them. Just so you know, in case peace talks turn violent, I'm armed with a spork in my back pocket. Yeah, buddy.

Always remember, friends:
Life was made to be abundant and glorious. Go get those bands that make her dance. Holler. 
God wants you to get everything you want in life. Exhaust every dream. You only live once. YOLO. 
(That's Drake's motto he also coined just for me, by the way.)

Enjoy your day ;o)

Friday, December 27, 2013


Janeenersss on Instagram is amazing and she's also a close friend of mine. Her artistry is top notch. I'm always telling her I need her to do my eyes! Yup, even makeup artists get in personal makeup funks... that is everyone except this creative chica Janeenersss.

If you'd like to follow someone so amazing that even Rihanna's makeup artist Lora Arellano follows, then click here.  Janeenersss has also been featured by Lime Crime & Sugarpill Cosmetics, which is also really cool. Way to go, gurrrl!

Now you all can finally agree with me that Janeenersss reminds me of a realistic Snow White. Ahhh-mazing resemblance, right?! Which reminds me I need to ask her to dish on her skin care regime for the masses. We've also asked her to make some appearances on my YouTube channel going live in 2014, so stay tuned for the deliciousness. Feel free to click "Subscribe" here. Maybe we too can put on some smelly animal mascot costumes, twerk & talk skincare. Ding! Ding! Ding! That's the golden viral video ticket for sure...

Just kidding. Me twerking on camera ain't a free show, babes. If I'm twerking... someone somewhere is paying in some way, shape or form. Just ask the binders full of men. Heh.... heh.. heh.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

YouTube's Top Trending of 2013

Welcome to YouTube's top ten trending videos of 2013! 
Wha pa pa pa pa pow pow pow...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Story of Christmas on Facebook

Bwa! ha! haaaaa! 
What would it really look like if the story of 
Christmas played out on Facebook? 
One ponders...

I am dying, becoming consumed in laughter. 
Sadly, I always thought my demise would be from 
zombie apocalypses...

Shout outs to Happy Place for delivering the best email newsletter 
that I've ever read since the 1917 write up about equipping your dear 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fortune Cookies From Above

Dear God,

Thanks for clearing that up. I've secretly always known you wanted me to become a pro poker player. I still love you even though you want me to occasionally learn some valuable lesson from time to time.


Isn't it funny what circumstances arise? One can only laugh at the irony. Why do some things happen to good people? Why do some things happen to bad people? Are unicorns real? Will I ever become rich? Why are we here? Well, I'm not God... but I do know that I can't change where I come from, what I've done or anything else like that. I also know that the only thing worth worrying about is where I'm going. It's not necessarily about the destination itself as it is about your journey to the specified destination. Believe in yourselves because I believe in you. THIS IS AMURRICA. Where there's a will, there's a way. If Mister Ed's bayonets represent love, well then, I've been bayonetting you since like 1917.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TEMPTU's Concealer Wheel

TEMPTU Concealer Wheel, $26
Get it here.
Say something because I'm not giving up on you, my dear concealer wheel!

Not only does this concealer not sit in my fine lines around my eyes, but it also is package perfect for highlighting & contouring on most skin tones.

Sham wow! Oh, come on. You know I'd use my newly adopted catch phrase to describe it...

One tip for excellent application is to use an oil-based foundation primer before application for a more flawless look. You can find a primer that fits such requirements by picking the ones that are not marked "oil free", by the way. Hey now. I'm just trying to help you achieve some personal awesome sauce. What?! You don't like my other catch phrase? Because you're clearly not talking badly about this here concealer wheel...

Enjoy your highlighting and contouring adventures!


Gunilla of Sweden's LEROSETT Face Wash

LEROSETT Acne Face Wash, $30
Get it here.
Gunilla of Sweden is high content organic deliciousness!

This long awaited review comes after about 6 weeks of daily treatment with the LEROSETT acne treatment face wash.

Let me just tell you that 
the pimples are at bay more so than before and we really appreciate the natural, organic approach Gunilla uses for healthy skin care. Most washes out there for acne contain salicylic acid, since it is great for treating existing blemishes and enlargement of pores.

If you were to label one side of a penny "salicylic acid" & the other side "benzoyl peroxide", you more than likely could correctly guess what The Price is Right in acne washes would be. It comes down to these two main ingredient contenders to spin the wheel.

Yet, most are made with water while this one is contained in high content organic Aloe Vera. The combination in this wash is divine, making it super rich and gel-like. Aloe Vera is known for its healing and soothing properties, y'all.

The smell is also pleasant in this wash 
with herbal notes. I'd suggest you take a sniff and then go to town working it into your pores with small circular motions. Normally I wash my face for about a minute and then rinse. Let that organic aloe absorb, baby! Yeah! I once met a lady in her eighties who had the best skin ever. So, I felt compelled to ask her what she uses. When she replied "fresh aloe daily" is when I became a botanic believer.

Also, friends...
Sometimes people with sensitive skin also get acne. In certain instances and depending on your skin type, dermatologists may recommend to stay away from benzoyl peroxide altogether. You never know what could really be breaking you out. It could possibly be from using products that are too strong for your skin type.

Any who, give Gunilla of Sweden a try. Might I add that they also have an amazing, "you can feel it working" face mask from the LEROSETT line. You should snag up some of this special rasul clay as well! Spot Treaters or Once-A-Weekers R Us! Minorly obsessed is a real, treatable medical condition, right?!

New Video Premieres, Thanks!

Thank God for the YouTubey because that's pretty much the only way we can see music videos premiere anymore. Who remembers when it was cool in the '80's to draw the MTV logo all over your stuff? Folders, jeans, on your wall? LOLZ.

Get your heart pumping on #TatumTuesday with these new premieres from John Newman & Justin Bieber. It's like angels are serenading your ear drums or something like that. Meanwhile, your eyeballs are about to pop out of socket from visual totes gorgey-ness. Whoa, buddy. These male human specimens representing our race are making us look far superior to infinite alien galaxies. Take a moment. Breathe. Just hit the "Replay" button, just sang Zendaya!

By the way... 
Shout outs to the best readers in the world. I was so busy doing makeup since Thanksgiving that I didn't even have the time to post. Combine that with the kiddos being home and cooking and you've got yourself an absolutely cannot write type situation. 

So, here goes:

I am thankful for the people that support me. I am thankful for God as he inspires me to see the good in people and situations. I am thankful for the power of love. I am thankful for George Bush's Internets. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my readers and followers that might find me entertaining. I am thankful for the companies and PR agencies I've worked with along the way and that they actually know who I am. That's so cool! I am thankful for my Austin Powers mini-me's. They're my entire life and the culmination of life and love itself. I am thankful for makeup and cute animals. I am thankful for our military that defends an ideal that birthed an entire nation. I am thankful for unicorns and bacon, but not bacon made out of unicorns. Finally, I am thankful for Michelle Obama's arms that inspire me to think about bicep curling this bacon in my hand.


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