Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gunilla of Sweden's LEROSETT Face Wash

LEROSETT Acne Face Wash, $30
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Gunilla of Sweden is high content organic deliciousness!

This long awaited review comes after about 6 weeks of daily treatment with the LEROSETT acne treatment face wash.

Let me just tell you that 
the pimples are at bay more so than before and we really appreciate the natural, organic approach Gunilla uses for healthy skin care. Most washes out there for acne contain salicylic acid, since it is great for treating existing blemishes and enlargement of pores.

If you were to label one side of a penny "salicylic acid" & the other side "benzoyl peroxide", you more than likely could correctly guess what The Price is Right in acne washes would be. It comes down to these two main ingredient contenders to spin the wheel.

Yet, most are made with water while this one is contained in high content organic Aloe Vera. The combination in this wash is divine, making it super rich and gel-like. Aloe Vera is known for its healing and soothing properties, y'all.

The smell is also pleasant in this wash 
with herbal notes. I'd suggest you take a sniff and then go to town working it into your pores with small circular motions. Normally I wash my face for about a minute and then rinse. Let that organic aloe absorb, baby! Yeah! I once met a lady in her eighties who had the best skin ever. So, I felt compelled to ask her what she uses. When she replied "fresh aloe daily" is when I became a botanic believer.

Also, friends...
Sometimes people with sensitive skin also get acne. In certain instances and depending on your skin type, dermatologists may recommend to stay away from benzoyl peroxide altogether. You never know what could really be breaking you out. It could possibly be from using products that are too strong for your skin type.

Any who, give Gunilla of Sweden a try. Might I add that they also have an amazing, "you can feel it working" face mask from the LEROSETT line. You should snag up some of this special rasul clay as well! Spot Treaters or Once-A-Weekers R Us! Minorly obsessed is a real, treatable medical condition, right?!

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