Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TEMPTU's Concealer Wheel

TEMPTU Concealer Wheel, $26
Get it here.
Say something because I'm not giving up on you, my dear concealer wheel!

Not only does this concealer not sit in my fine lines around my eyes, but it also is package perfect for highlighting & contouring on most skin tones.

Sham wow! Oh, come on. You know I'd use my newly adopted catch phrase to describe it...

One tip for excellent application is to use an oil-based foundation primer before application for a more flawless look. You can find a primer that fits such requirements by picking the ones that are not marked "oil free", by the way. Hey now. I'm just trying to help you achieve some personal awesome sauce. What?! You don't like my other catch phrase? Because you're clearly not talking badly about this here concealer wheel...

Enjoy your highlighting and contouring adventures!


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