Monday, September 15, 2014

Shopping Carts Full Of Music Videos

First things first... I Poppa freaks all the hunnies. Oops. Wait a second. That might be an entirely different song meant for those peoples in different area codes.

In order to watch the below music videos, you're going to need a shopping cart. Then once you've located one and stolen it, you're going to want to fill that bad boy up with some black lingerie that Calvin Harris is a big fan of and some random large letters which are apparently really easy to find...

Furthermore, I'm not going to blame it on the night. Blame yourself. Is it merely coincidental that it's only the women jumping down the sinister water hole of guilty doom? John Newman just stated that she only wanted to talk. Who's to blame here other than guy sharks with laser beams? We think this music video might have a few hidden meanings if you know what I mean. You know who I blame it on? Those chicks going to clubs with their bum cheeks hanging out. Who does that on a real life basis?! Seriously. Bums should be left for the bedroom as I feel super guilty even posting this rated R video of bodacious blame. So there.

Alexa has a wonderful voice and we're totally hiring her to find letters for our room decorations, by the way. We suspect Alexa will be a big time artist. You should check out some of her covers by searching her name on YouTube. She can seriously sing so many genres of music. You go girl! Lay your music love down on the nation because we're listening!

Finally, check out Wolf Gang. We're way into them, considering that their name reminds us of epic vampire sagas and all. Rock on. Lay your love down, but only if it includes werewolves and vampires... then don't blame anybody but yourself...

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