Wednesday, September 5, 2012


You notice the MAC 187 Duo-Fibre Face Brush featured in seconds 3 to 5? Nicki knows what's up...

Today is Woman Power Day! I'm declaring it. Little did you know, I'm also coining the word "franch". It's ranch and french dressing mixed together. Indecisiveness rules. While I decide on things, bits, items, objects or stuff, let's read on. It's not "50 Shades of Grey" but it's also not "Porn:Thirty" yet. It is however "Beer: Thirty" somewhere. It's gotta' be five o' clock somewhere.

Let's lose some friends, dis influence people and talk politics again. Nicki Minaj recently rapped about being a Republican. "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b---hes is f---g up the economy." Whether you agree or not, we can all agree that Nicki Minaj deserves a gold medal in saying how she feels. She doesn't skate around issues. Ever.  Read more here.

Dear Nicki,
Thank you for allowing me to feel that what I write in partial craziness is acceptable to put on my website. While my kids aren't exactly old enough to gaze upon my website, I often wonder how many women find me offensive. Oh, well. Beez in the Trap.

Look at her guns!
@AngiesRightLeg is jealous...
Last night felt like it was First Lady Obama's moment, for sure. She not only looked gorgeous at the Democratic National Convention, but gave a heartfelt speech as well. It's easy to say that with 99% certainty she hit every voting demographic out there. I almost cried during parts. Foreigners? Check. Moms? Check. Middle Class? Check. LGBT? Check. Soldiers? Check!

Watch Mom-In-Chief's speech here.

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