Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random News

This picture I found rocks! Bobby rocks. Ice rocks. Bling it up...

Bobby Bowden now the Winningest Coach after Paterno's vacated wins.

My husband is a genius as it was him who called this move as soon as the Sandusky victims started coming forward. Mad props, love!

Bobby, the former FSU Coach, said that he couldn't be happy with the title because it was such an unfortunate incident to have happened who were the kids, now victims of abuse.

Bobby, I say you deserve it.

 Thanks for running a non-pedophile football program. I reckon you'd of gotten the team to give this perv a rough-housing of his life, then reported it.

Read more here...

Even here Rob looks so cute!

Kristen Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson!

What in the H- E- Double- Hockey sticks were you thinking, K Stew?!

Not only does R Patz sparkle in movies, he's also got an accent to boot. Not only is he a major hottie, he seems really nice.

It's funny how K Stew previously goes on magazine saying she doesn't understand cheaters and why they do it. Hmmm... I guess she can answer that one now.
(Isn't that the home wrecker callin' the whore a slut...)
Rupert's no spring chicken, just saying.

Now I'll never land a gig on one of his movie

Read more deliciousness about the scandal...


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