Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random News

Random News You Might Want to Know About:

Again, the Biebster rocks.

Justin Bieber won a ton of surfboards at the Teen Choice Awards over the past weekend. Congrats, Justin! Justin was very excited this year as he tweeted that a couple of years ago, he wasn't even invited. I guess he showed them! Rock on with your bad self.

Twilight & Hunger Games won big, too!

For a full list of winners, Click Here.

Twilight got so many that R Patz (a.k.a. the love of my life, I heart boys who sparkle) made some one's life by giving a board to the crowd. One can only hold so many surfboards...

Snoop Dogg is releasing his 1st reggae album y'all.

You know he got the idea to do it while he was blazin'... hey, he's more creative and he knows it :O)

Anyway, Snoop can now be called "Snoop Lion" in the reggae world. Here's the new song "La La La"...
Click here to listen!
Personally, I could see myself listening to it on the beach in Fiji, on vacation, with a pina colada in my hand...

Cows eating chocolate, need I say more? There's a dairy farmer in Kansas who consistently feeds his cows chocolate? Why? For energy. And, no, it doesn't make their milk chocolate, hee, hee.

Can I speak for the entire female population by saying, "I wish I were those cows!" That's simply amazing!

Watch this Video ASAP!


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