Monday, June 11, 2012

MAC Make Up Staples

So, J.- What are your must have makeup staples from MAC Cosmetics that you can't live without?

Oh, boy there are so many choices! That's a hard question to answer. But, with every cosmetic line out there, I do have my faves from each line.

MAC PowerPoint Pencils:
These are fantastic for this summer time of year. These are made to line the inner eye with, which I'll often do when beaching it. Yup, just the bottom inner eye and nothing else so I don't have to worry about too much smudging and moving when I'm hot and sweating in the sun. Made to be more long wearing and almost waterproof, smudge one of these colors on for a fun time with color. "Engraved" is the black color which is really pigmented. Me likey, but the ones below are my faves:
"Bordeauxline", $15

"Bountiful Brown", $15

Cleanse Off Oil:
Often in the summertime, you can find me rocking all kinds of waterproof makeup. Because even though I'm in the sun a lot, I still want to look naturally pretty with little touch ups. In comes MAC's Cleanse Off Oil. This potent yet amazingly gentle & effective oil can be used as a makeup remover or cleanser. It's also packed with lots of naturals that your skin and nose will love. On dry skin, pump a squirt or two into your hand and work into your makeup. You'll watch it slide away. Now, either tissue paper it off or rinse your face with water. Once mixed with water, this oil turns into a creamy white cleanser and once your face dries, you'll notice your face feeling smooth without pulling and dryness. A must for anyone who likes to wear a lot of makeup or waterproof makeup. For $10, this stuff will last you a year!
"Cleanse Off Oil", $10

187 Duo Fibre Face Brush:
Do you want the long or short reason why I love this brush? Hmmm.... First off, this brush is made of natural and synthetic bristles, so getting it wet with liquid foundation really won't kill it quickly. Plus, you can get a lot of different coverages from this brush. For nice, sheer coverage, use it with your translucent powders, bronzers or blushes. And, for that airbrushed skin look, simply pump a few squirts of foundation onto the back of your hand. Spread it into a thick, even layer and dip the tips of this brush into it. Next, dab the brush on different areas of the face and go to town brushing it in with little circles. Once done, your skin will look amazing I swear by it. Often I will use this brush with airbrush liquid makeup on the back of my hand to "airbrush" a bride's makeup. Your hand can blend things out well compared to a nozzle of spray.
"#187 Duo Fibre Face Brush, $42

Fix + Spray:
You know how sometimes you can look a little powdery? Well, infused with vitamins and minerals, this setting spray does the trick and will bring moisture back to your face. Not only will it set your makeup making it more long wearing, but this spray smells delish, too. Buy this if you have any air travel soon. For some reason, planes can dry out your skin (due to altitude) and make you feel tired. Spray whenever you feel tired or parched. Voila! Instant pick me up! Also, perfect for mineral makeup wearers.
"Fix + Spray", $20

"Spring Bean" Lustreglass:
Combining both lustre and glass, here comes MAC's Lustreglass. This color is a staple of mine because it makes your lips look like honey and depending on what color liner you use, you can get different sparkly variations. Alone, it's the perfect nude for summertime with little mess.
"Spring Bean" Lustreglass, $14.50

"Oversexed" Plushglass:
I love the smell of this so much I could marry the light vanilla scent. Made to plump your lips to look more voluptuous, I opt for this color. On your lips, it's not that dark, just a pretty, tinted wine. It's like your lips, just a little darker. I love glosses I don't have to line.
"Oversexed" Plushglass, $19.50

"Nylon" Eyeshadow:
This frosty, vanilla pearl color is just what the doctor ordered for under your brow and inner corner eye for sparkle. Unlike pearly white, "Nylon" will be less drag queenish. Also, this is the perfect color when used with a fluffy brush for highlight on the cheeks or a small shadow brush for highlight on the nose. You can also use this color with a fluffy eyeshadow brush for a one color simple shadow look.
"Nylon" Eyeshadow, $15

"Plush Lash" Mascara:
Who doesn't love a mascara that plumps, curls and volumizes that costs only $15?! Also, this mascara leaves lashes feeling soft, not hard and brittle. While I don't use it at the beach because it's not waterproof, it is pretty long wearing.
"Plush Lash" Mascara, $15

Any who, I hope you enjoy my top picks from MAC. Let me know what you think! I love comments and questions!


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