Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cannibal Zombie Attack, Part II

Charles Baker. Palmetto, FL
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I never thought in a million years I'd have to write  "Cannibals Amongst Us, Part Deux" so quickly after the first Miami Zombie Attack.
Search my blog if you didn't get informed on that weirdness.

Pictured left is Mr. Charles Baker from Palmetto, FL.
(Florida again? you've gotta be kidding me! Aargh.)

Apparently in an undisclosed drugged up state, which was likely "bath salts"this guy gets the idea to go visit his kids at his girlfriend's house... at 10 pm mind you. Well, why wasn't he there in the first place? What? They share kids but not houses?! I don't get it.  Anyway, he starts screaming and stripping down to his birthday suit. Unable to calm him down herself, the girlfriend's "male friend" steps in and BAM! He gets a chunk taken out of his arm!
Later, after police show up, tasers couldn't even hold him back. Multiple Times.

Sounds like some body's guilty of watching too much Hulk growing up... now for accounting for the nakedness, I have no valid explanations, lol...

Two questions come to mind:
#1- Who was the male friend, a roommate, another lover, what?


#2- After Sir Charles bit said bicep, did he chew?

Someone get back to us if you've got answers. Inquiring minds wanna' know!
Imagine what those kids saw, if you dare...

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  1. So, the substance he was high on is unknown. He stripped himself naked just like Rudy Eugene. Isn't extreme body heat a side effect from bath salts? And he was numb to the tazer just like Rudy was to the bullets. Maybe they were both under the influence of the bath salts? Watch this video, Bath Salts - A Flesh-Eating Addiction for more info.


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