Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Color Inspired Makeup- Coral & Orange!

Sometimes it's easy to forget how close you live to paradise!

Over the weekend the fam went to Caladesi Island, FL and no wonder why it was voted one of America's Best Beaches! Just let me save you some time before you go... Bring a cooler on wheels... It's a little trek to the beach! Also, if you've got ankle biters in tow, bring a Baby Bjorn to carry baby in and/or a stroller. Most parts of the beach you could roll on. I didn't do either and even though I'm still alive to report about it, I had no idea these things were allowed on the ferry! Any who, with such clear waters, white sands, vibrant green trees & colorful shells it was REALLY hard not to be inspired!

Today I'm talkin' Coral, Peach & Orange, deriving my color inspiration from this friggin' AWESOME mother of pearl shell I found in a strange orange pearl. It must be one of a kind...
Anyway, let's talk corally, orangey, peachy cheeks. Peaches and corals make great blushes because they're warm in nature and really complement yellow skin undertones. Also, peaches and non-pinks are fabulous choices for women with blemishes and rosacea they'd rather not bring to the forefront. Think peach cheeks with brown eye shadows or plum shadows for an instant look update. The below colors both have a nice goldish shimmer which does great for highlighting the cheek bone.
MAC's "Style" Blush, $20
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NARS "Orgasm" Blush, $28
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For eyeshadow, this golden amber bronze color in "Amber Lights" looks awesome with the above cheek shades and a darker matte brown blended in the crease. Alternatively, you can also get an eyeliner sealer like Trish McEvoy's or just plain water dipped on your eyeliner brush. I prefer the angled eyeliner brush. Anyway, get some shadow on your brush and use the back of your hand for a palette. You're aiming for a cream consistency and use as an eyeliner. It's sooo pretty I swear. The liquids on your brush make it bronzier and more metallic.

MAC's "Amber Lights" Eyeshadow, $15
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Or, try these lip colors on for some sizzle.
The 1st is ELF's Conditioning Gloss for that beauty bargain gloss wearing huntress in us all...
ELF's 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss in "Supermodel", $1
Super Value of the Month!
Bought at the Dollar Tree, amazingly enough!
Buy @ Amazon Online, $6.48

Secondly, we got the orange-poppin' darin' to (long) wearin' goddess who doesn't like to have to touch up. Goddesses so don't touch up, at least in my head anyway. Tip: Just don't go crazy with the rest of your makeup when rocking this color. Let it speak for itself.
MAC's "Booyah!" Pro Longwear Lip Creme, $17
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Now let's talk nails, friends. If I could permanently get my toenails this color for life, I'd be one happy camper. You can often find me with this color on because simply put, it's just ahh-mazing. It's always a fiesta on my toes and five o' clock somewhere in my mind...

OPI's "Cajun Shrimp" Nail Lacquer, $6.15
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"Cajun Shrimp" is also one of Britney Spear's fave colors, too! (FYI...)

Sinful Color's "Big Daddy" Polish
Bought Waayyy Cheap @ Walgreens In Store!
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