Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random News

So, I was searching the internets today when I typed in the letter G on YouTube and look what came into my life via computer screen. Too funny. I know it's not news today, but it is NEW to Enjoy.

I've always loved those strange, curvy sinks!

In more awkward- capturing news, word broke that for the 2nd time this year (That's right, I said it) a woman got stuck, err I mean, super glued to a toilet at none other than Walmart. The first incident happened in March. Wait. What?! This has happened before? Could you imagine the embarassment? The woman had to be wheeled out of Walmart with the toilet seat still stuck to her. Read more about it here.
After much discussion with my smartypants little sister, we conclude that maybe the woman was really in a rush to pee, or she didn't line the toilet seat to see the glue seeping into the toilet cover. Well, I guess maybe she could have lined the toilet and sat on the paper and still got stuck but this is something I am definitely NOT going to try and then report back to you what happens. Both the Daily Mail and Huffington Post articles state the cops are not sure if the incident was intentional or accidental. Enlighten me. Please tell me how one stumbles into a bathroom stall with opened super glue. (I'd be scared I'd get it on my private parts!) I thought we all were supposed to be getting lucky in Kentucky... Ladies, all I can say is Hover! Hover! Hover!

"You say I'm crazy... I've got your crazy!"
~Britney Spears for Mike Tyson

Also, fifteen years ago today Mike Tyson (in a zombie like attack) bit off an ear. I wasn't sure how you'd go through the rest of your day without knowing that.
Now, I've been known to get angry and want to hit someone, but to bite off an ear is serious business. I wonder if those zombie-making "bath salts" were around back then...

(Searchy my bloggy about it to read up.)

Finally, allow me to remind you that Justin Bieber still rocks. For all my fellow "Beliebers" out there, first week sales for the "Believe" album soared to 374,000! Top Album again. Internationally this album is some serious business, too. Just not as serious as needing to bite off an ear serious.
Congrats, Justin. You're adorable and your music is snazzy.

Have you bought it yet? Will you buy it?
My answers to those questions are "No" & "Heck yes!"

Have a great day, friends. Live Long & Prosper.


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