Friday, April 27, 2012

Mom's- Use Your Baby's Products! #2

Did you know (again) that baby products are great for adult cosmetic uses?!

Awww, kids- you gotta love 'em!

Baby Powder, while we love it for the anti chafing of our baby's butts, can be used as a dry shampoo on the days you are too lazy to wash your hair. YAY!

Simply pour a little into your hand and work into your dry hair near the roots. Blow dry upside down to smooth, then brush your hair and walk out your door.

Oil eliminated! Volume created!

Wam, bam and thank you, mam!

Other notably great baby powder items if you love the scent:
Demeter's Baby Powder Cologne Spray

Fabuloso's Baby Powder Scented Floor Cleaner

Yankee Candle in Baby Powder


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