Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brotox, the Men's Botox
Watching Chelsea Lately last night was pretty funny. First off, we had Ross Mathews hosting, which was amazeballs.

Follow Mr. Ross here. Chelsea Lately is also on the BoobTube, errr... I mean YouTube. Subscribe to her show here. We likey it a lot.

However, I can't help but say via my Grumpy Cat voice, "Luke, I don't care about your Brotox!"

Wait! You mean Grumpy Cat can't talk? He didn't make his own captions on all those pics?! My life is eternally ruined...

You tell me if your man has put getting Botox on the top of his Father's Day wish list. Ummm, aren't you supposed to get your gift on that specific day, which is a Sunday?! You tell me what derm spas are open on such a day.

Oneal Ron Morris / Miami Gardens Police Dept.
Read more here.

So, is this a new phenomenon? Sure, I'm all for manscaping and metrosexualism. But Botox? Really? Turn into Burt Reynolds, but be sure not to fruit your beer!
Also, while we're at it, be sure this tranny pictured above doesn't do your injections. Oh, you don't remember the article? Click on the "read more" below the picture. Not only did this chick put weird stuff into other's derrieres and faces, just take a look at her own Gigantour behind. It was stated that they thought she got butt injections or implants that continuously grow. Me thinks this chick looks waaayyy scary now that this picture alone was taken over two years ago. Someone cue in Big Sean or Sir Mix-A-Lot ASAP. Then, sing to her.

Any who, weigh in on if your man wants Botox, has ever had Botox, or dabbles in the manscara department. Inquiring minds want to know. Comment below the post...

Happy early Father's Day, friends!

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