Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Battle of the Strands 2013 Orlando Qualifier

The Fabulous Hair by Egla Team

Image by Frederico Beauty Institute
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Salon DeCordova takes home 1st place in the #BattleoftheStrands Orlando Qualifier! 
Art of Hair by DeCordova's
Orlando Winners
Photo by Battle of the Strands
Congratulations, friends!

Battle of the Strands Facebook
They're the ones with what resembles a Gasparilla pirate ship for the hair. Getting to speak with the genius behind their theme, they took a clue from the Marie Antoinette era, when big hair & big fashion was born.

Ben DeCordova states, "The key to winning this competition is in the wording extreme. The judges want to see extreme hair, extreme makeup & extreme fashion. Think Big."

The DeCordovas not only do hair. They teach classes to make hairdressers ambidextrous in their craft. Around Tampa Bay, they're available for shear sharpening as well as regular salon appointments. Nationally, they'll be teaching classes with both of their hands, spurring a right and left brain phenomena in the salon industry. The Aflac duck wants to say thank you to them for lowering disability insurance payouts. Come to think about it, we find the ambidextrousness exhilarating. What if your favorite hairdresser broke her hand, rendering her unable to do your hair for six months?! Instead of crawling into bed and dying for what would seem like an entire bear's hibernation season, how about just ask her if she cuts with both hands. If not, introduce her to the DeCordova's! They've got mad skills.

This year's Battle of the Strands theme is 
"Couture Meets Avant Garde".

About the Reality TV Show... Fashionista's Battle of the Strands Article...
Wall Street Journal's Article on the NYC Qualifier... Click here.

Photo by Jovita Acute
What am I doing in this photo with my face?!
Probably trying to listen to my idol & not look
like a moron in the process... I hate my teeth.  :o(
(apparently my tactics didn't work! Lols.)

Pink the Beauty Boutique
Battle of the Strands

Photo by Behind the Chair

Team HALO on stage
Battle of the Strands

Mod Style Lab
Photo by Battle of the Strands Facebook

American Salon, Facebook 

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