Thursday, July 24, 2014

Darth Vader For President on Lady Thorsday

This is sooo, sooo funny. Several news reports like this one and this one below are voicing the people's desire to be ruled by someone who uses the force... Darth Vader for President!

I mean, personally I'd rather see horses 
and bayonets in the running because:

a) you can attach light sabers to their heads like sharks with laser beams

b) there are significantly less left in the world when compared to 1917

c) muskets and militias don't sound too ideal to rule

d) a talking horse is so cute and very dog with a bloggish


e) don't tell me you don't have a secret unicorn obsession.

For real, let's get honest.

Our vote is for Yoda for President. Clearly he's diplomatic, peaceful yet can fight using the good force and would spawn a ton of cuteness with that whole people trying to talk all backwards-like thing.

Typed This Using The Force I Did...

Let's also add this important fact to this Darth Vader round table discussion. It's really sad that I know this, but there was a guy in Ukraine already who actually showed up on ballots...

Next up this Thorsday...
In more binders full of women who have binders full of men news, Marvel introduces Lady Thor. Apparently she's the only one worthy of possessing the power of the mjolnir. Us female humans already knew this, but don't forget that...

Glass ceilings have got to be breaking by a cosplay woman throwing a mjolnir who can also steal your cat. If you had your choice, we want to now know whether or not you prefer Lady Thor or Yoda for Whoa-Man President. Comment! Comment! Comment!


Finally, Comic-Con is this weekend. 

Yay! Be sure to watch the Twitter search feeds for some sure-to-be-cool cosplayer pics.

Public service announcement one is that a cosplayer can be defined as a person who dresses up in costumes, enjoys doing so and occasionally but not always role plays.

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