Friday, June 20, 2014

UrbanHalos Are Super Comfy

Are you growing out your bangs? Or exercising? Or maybe just trying to look totally cute while sporting your long hair who simply looks like it doesn't care? You, too, can rock a headband in style with UrbanHalo. Please allow me to tell you, friends, that these are the only headbands that don't make my head hurt. They also don't slip off constantly and can offer different widths all with the exact same headband. Basically stated, UrbanHalos are my jam du jour. Take a look at all the different combinations they come in and then snag a few for yourself. The colors alone make them a staple in my hair drawer at all times. If you're the exercising type, you'll also love that they're washable. Enjoy!

UrbanHalo Headbands, $15
Shop them here.

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