Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A response to Michelle Obama's bangs being purely democratic

When one spends any amount of time on dictionary.com looking up the definitions of Democratic, Republican or Diplomatic, the definitions oddly sound similar. In response to this article from Huffington Post saying that Michelle Obama's bangs are "purely democratic" in a political sense, I would beg to differ. They are actually inanimate, attached to a scalp. But, if I had to guess, we'd peg them as purely diplomatic.(I will explain later. I promise.) 

Michelle Obama looks gorgeous in Jason Wu!
AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin
Isn't it enough that our government makes a mockery of itself on a public stage? Can't we all just get along? Can't we all do something to fix this depressed economy? This recession could only be compared by the younger voters as something similar to the Great Depression where horses and bayonets once ruled. Well, I am among the young vote. I am not alone. One could consider me a swing vote based on the candidate at hand. Though my voter card might have only one political party attached to it, let's just say that both parties do things I don't agree with. "Swinger" was an unavailable choice to pick from when registering and to some it reminds them of sausage parties and other things that involve a lot of participants. I am a force to be reckoned with and I know how to Twitter. The government can only blame themselves for not banning Twitter from existing. More and more, real people's views are being heard and recognized. Over and over, the younger generation is leading more towards facts and real time opinions than biased media mogul's propaganda.

Soldiers using bayonets
This article will probably end up being pretty long-winded. I owe it to anyone who has risked themselves or their family for this great America. My grandfather fought in World War II and received a purple heart. Let's just say "Thank you" to all of them right this second. For it is only from their courage that I am able to sit behind this computer du jour and write about well... our rights. Thank you, Constitution. I'm sure that when any war was being fought, our soldiers didn't want to only save 1/2 of America. Whether you are Democrat or Republican I really don't think that was the first thing on their mind. Probably the first thing on their minds was "Send more horses and bayonets. Drones, zeppelins, muskets and militias could be really useful right about now." 

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I find it hilarious that media outlets pick and choose, so to speak, who exactly to promote. Read this article where media outlets credit @FirstLadysBangs for being the first Twitter account as well as @MichellesBangs. Well, as curator of the Original (meaning first) Michelle Obama's Bangs Twitter account @MObamasBangs, I promise to remain unbiased and let both side's views through. Bang lovers unite, man! It's all in good fun for the love of bangs. Several are allowed to exist, however I am a little jealous how many followers these accounts got. One could look up creation-date and time stamps on Hoot Suite. Just sayin'. Now, if we want to get technical, Cattt changed her handle to @mrsobamasbangs around the same time I created mine, but because it wasn't a new account, we actually don't have a time stamp available. Any who, she told me she changed her Twitter handle due to adoration of First Lady Obama and her haircut. I am all about giving credit where credit is due. Cattt is a cutie and you all should go follow her. I told her she needs a job in social media.

Believe it or not, some people do not know how to Twitter. Hash tags are mysterious. Do you use it? Do you not? Can you search Twitter's search bar with using spaces in between the words? Yes, yes you can. Michelle Obama's Bangs vow to re-tweet anything with the hash tag #MichelleObamasBangs attached, and several variations of these keywords.

In the end, let's all peg Michelle Obama's Bangs as "purely diplomatic" unrelated to one political party. Again, they're inanimate but attached to one very classy lady. Whether you agree with her political agenda or not, she did not rise to this power without doing something great for herself and her country. She is highly educated. Has every one forgotten her credentials? For the love of this great country, respect her. Her bangs have not forgotten 1/2 of the country because they vote Republican. They know that to be a great woman or force of power, one must remain diplomatic. Plain and simple. 

Now, let's move!

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