Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun With Translucent Loose Powder

There you are. 

You've got a huge jar of translucent loose powder and you're wondering:

a) Why did the cosmetic company make the jar so big,


b) What ever can I do with all this powder?

Instead of opting for a Ben Franklin in a wig look and short of becoming a circus clown, here are some ideas on how to use it.

Dark Eye Shadows: It's super simple to mess up when applying dark shadows. Sometimes I recommend novices do their shadow first, then apply foundation. That way you can remove the eye shadow falloff that's sure to go under your eye. There is nothing worse than getting dark under eye looking circles, especially when God himself didn't create them. Should you still choose to do your foundation first (like I do), lightly lay some loose translucent powder under the eye so when you go to brush the shadow crumbs off it will actually come off. Voila! Time wasters eliminated.

Lipstick: Very lightly dust translucent loose powder over your lipstick to increase it's staying power.

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Foundationed Skin: Translucent loose powder will set your foundation and make it more long-wearing. Why translucent? We don't want to deposit extra color on top of your already made up face's work of art.

Hair: If you're out of baby powder, a little of this loose powder magic will curb your hair's oiliness. Simply dust sparingly into your hand, then apply to roots and rub it in. (Or you will look like Ben Franklin.) Giving your hair some powder, a really quick blow dry and flip upside down will make you look like you just took the best shower of your life. (Just remember the perfume spray, too... or people will be in on our little secret.)

Plain Skin: Translucent loose powder takes away your shininess.

Unwearable Colors: We all have strange colors of loose powders laying around that we aren't exactly sold on. Try adding a little translucent powder to lighten the shade to make it wearable. Furthermore, if you hate sparkling like Ke$ha, add a little powder to the color to mattify it. Who's the circus clown now? Not you.


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