Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Catchy Twitter Disease

Are you a constant Twitterer? Have you not contracted carpal tunnel yet? Today we're talking all things Twittery. 

Long gone are the days of actual, factual media reporting. 

The media puts their own spin on things. I mean, why shouldn't they? This is America and whoever owns whatever media company we're dissecting here, they put their own blood, sweat, money and tears into their companies (much like the rest of business-owning America). Simply put, they know that if you don't like what they have to say, you don't have to tune in! (Or read it, tweet it, whatever your social media style.) Anyway, you catch my drift. Although personally I'd like to attract everyone to read my blog, I know it's not every one's cup of tea. My blog is my opinion and I have a right to express myself per our Constitution in whichever creative outlet I choose.

So, why aren't more of my friends on Twitter then? When I want to know what America thinks about something, let's bypass the media and go straight to the source... actual people. Twitter allows you to do that in a real time feed. 

On Facebook, people are less likely to say what they want on there for fear of rejection. Some are actually friends with their bosses on it and most have family members they try to not offend. Also, people find it annoying if you post all the time updating like a psycho. Furthermore, I try to keep this one account somewhat sheltered and private. I'm probably not alone on how I feel about this.

Well, that's the beauty of Twitter. People expect you to tweet whenever you feel like it and people don't get offended when you tweet a lot. Sure, maybe they think you're a marketer, but whatever! Statistics show that the average person spends around 20 minutes on Twitter. Which means to marketers that they've got 3 opportunities an hour to update their status and reach you. Keep in mind that there's also 24 hours in a day. People live internationally and some work night shifts. Shocker. So, people tweet at different hours. Duh, says the Founder and Owner at the Department of Redundancy Department. But that's neither here nor there. 

Read this article from which drives my point home further. Yes, I've got some major carpal tunnel kicking, but it's a small price to pay to hear what mainstream America has to say in real time. Where else can you find the best talk regarding political memes? No where. 

All I know is #MichelleObamasBangs rock. #BigBird likes weaponry. #MichelleObamasArms are shoulder-pressing Mittens. #CabinetsFullOfMen are much roomier than #BindersFullOfMen, and #HorsesandBayonets dig #BarackObamasBangs. Wait! You mean you haven't seen Obama's bangs? Click here.

Enjoy your day, but enjoy it much more when you follow all the above political meme accounts.


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