Monday, October 12, 2015

Rilastil: Skincare That Doesn't Drag You Down

Oh, baby. 
Board this skincare boat because it's my only reason for loving my skin lately! 

Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, this Italian skincare line is winning our hearts over with every product we've tried from the line. Rilastil, whose origins date back from 1910, received international and academic awards for its pharmaceutical skin products. The grandfather of the Ganassini family was a chemist and the first to synthesize Niacin (vitamin PP). So it's safe to say that their luxury cosmeceutical line ranks high on our list for both quality and effectiveness.

Check out our faves below...

Rilastil's Progression HD Skin Line
Brightness Activator Serum, $110
Brightness Intensifier Moisturizer, $110
Illuminating Eye Contour Cream, $70
Shop Rilastil here.

Daily Care Cleansing Gel, $29
This Progression HD line is a three piece skincare regimen.

It includes the serum, cream and finally the eye cream. The serum's key ingredients include retinol, Vitamin E, ceramides and sodium hyaluronate. Next is the activator cream which is supposed to be used after the serum. The cream's key ingredients include retinol, resveratrol, shea butter and ceramides. Third in the line is the eye contour cream which is a beautiful peach color that instantly helps to neutralize any dark circles. The key ingredients in this cream are retinol, resveratrol, haloxyl, peptides, ceramides, olive oil , shea butter and jojoba oil.

We're also in love with this soap-free cleansing and purifying gel by Rilastil. Even though it thoroughly cleans my face, it doesn't make my skin feel stripped or tight.

We're also happy to report that over a twelve week trial, the Progression HD line outperformed prescription retinol in clinical trials.

So, seriously. Don't drag me down. Board this skincare boat. 

If I didn't have you, there would be nothing left. All my life I'd be confined to an ugly, hyperpigmented, dull skin tone with huge pores.

Thanks, Rilastil! We're huge fans.

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