Monday, October 12, 2015

Light Up The World This Fall With Sally Beauty Products

It's that time to light up the world this season with shopping some Sally Beauty deals on the latest and greatest on-trend beauty products. Whether it's adding a new tint to your hair or refusing to stop until your eyebrows are on fleek this Fall, Sally Beauty has you covered. 

Check out some of our favorites below...

Body Drench Tahitian Monoi Oil Body Lotion, $7.49

The smell of this is like a tropical Summer's day. Plus, it's very moisturizing. Monoi oil is a combination of a French Polynesian flower soaked in coconut oil which also contributes to this fantastic scent.

Ardell Brow Pomades, $8.49

Stop telling me my eyebrows are not on fleek. I simply must go seek out this Ardell Brow Pomade for a defined, on-trend brow. This pomade comes in three shades: blonde, medium brown and dark brown. It also comes with the on fleek angle brush / brow spoolie. Yay!

Palladio Natural Rice Loose Finishing Powder, $5.49

This rice powder by Palladio does a nice job setting both foundation and concealer. You can also apply this thickly under the eye before eyeshadow application. If any eyeshadow falloff occurs during application, all you have to do is sweep it off with a fluffy brush. Voila!

Surgi-Wax Assorted Honey Wax Strips, $6.79

Trim these wax strips to fit anywhere and wax away! To activate the wax strips, rub them in your hands. We've been told the heat activates their on fleek properties...

OPI Carry On Treatment Set, $7.99

Fear not, nails. OPI makes travel size nail treatments which are great for purses and carry-ons alike. This set is a perfect stocking stuffer and comes with the nail strengthener, rapid dry top coat and cuticle oil.

OPI GelShine Gel Starter Kit, $99.99

Replicate your salon quality gel manicure at home. Yasss. Also, from what we've been told by nail professionals is that the LED lights last way longer and work quicker to cure the gel polishes.

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Dyes, $5.49

Featured on Project Runway, the semi-permanent Ion Brights dyes give darker hair a nice tint and bleached areas become uber vibrant. All you need is the tube. It doesn't require developer. Cheers to not-so-damaged hair!

Ion After-Color Sealer 6 oz, $7.29

This Ion Color Sealer works perfect after both semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes. We recommend the 6 oz. tube so you can apply it a few times a week in place of regular conditioner.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, $3.99

Who doesn't love an affordable face mask? This one feels invigorating and sucks yuckiness out of the pores. It also helps with acne and oily complexions. We recommend using it about once a week or for spot treating new acne bumps.
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