Friday, November 22, 2013

From Belieber to Believer, Social Media Style

Check out what Bieber did.
He jumped off a cliff! For real. Don't worry, Beliebers. He didn't die. He just killed it in the gym. Look at those abs in that article.

While digging into my boat loads of email that I receive daily, I found a splendidly superb article about the power of social media and how it relates to vamping up your writing career.

Furthermore, I give zero cares if you don't actually write for a living. Read it anyway because it will indeed help you, no matter what your career is. Welcome to 2013! It's the way business is done and hugely impacts how many people are picking up what you're putting down. Think about it- today is and was yesterday's future. The way I look at marketing these days is this: you're either mastering the new tech and software out there (that's made readily available) or you're dying on the vine. Just like a tasty vino, wine cannot be made without first harvesting the grapes. Then I think you stomp on them or something, take some time for your smells like feet wine to ferment, and then finally drink the success of your labors. Whatever your occupation, marketing used to be buying lead lists. Then came along direct mail and people were waayyy into the buzz word called email marketing. Now with just a tad bit of ingenuity used, you can cultivate your own lead lists with zero dollars leaving your pocket. Sure, time is valuable. Even more so, it's an investment risk that at least I'm willing to take.

A few tips:

1- Don't just start an account and then ignore it only to wonder why you're not drinking the merlot yet. You've heard me say it once and I'll say it again. I lose followers when they see me take small breaks for a period of time.

2- Make some friendly alliances with people who play well with others. They're not only like-minded individuals and friends. They also give you access to their followers and ultimately increase your amount of impressions you're putting into George Bush's Internets.

3- What will make you effective at social media? Dumb luck. I don't have the exact answer. If I did, I'd be doing it. Interesting topics, wittiness or humor helps increase people sharing you. Also, hashtags give you a better percentage. If you're partaking in Snoozefest 2013, then by all means bore people to death. However, if you want to be the next performer in the lineup at the YouTube Awards, you've got to talk about what's popular. Ignoring the Gen X & Gen Y demographic es no mas bueno. They're your next customers. Line them up, baby! Even if you don't want to twerk alongside them...

Enjoy your day! 
Happy Friday, #FF style!

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