Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Video Premieres

Pour it up, pour it up on the girliness! Are you feeling the vibe? However, Kanye is almost taking home the estrogenic trophy this week. The galloping horses are awesome, but really should of turned into unicorns by the end of the Bound 2 video. Unicorns make everything better. Like Duh. I mean, everyone deserves to find love. Don't get me wrong. Deep down, I think most people are good in nature and just want to feel understood. We are all human, unless of course you're a zombie trying to make your way into Rihanna's new music video.

But, what is up with people proclaiming their love to the world? And why is the video vibrating back and forth? Unless you're trying to make it look like sexy time. We totes get it. You're a couple and things go down in your bedroom. Personally, all the jittery-ness makes me feel like I'm sitting shot gun and you're indeed a terrible driver. Quick. Pull over. At least with Rihanna's zombie apocalyptic feel, it's suspenseful and stuff. I feel like I need to call Brad Pitt and get her an antidote, like yesterday. While we're conversing, I'm going to ask him if he has an extra camera tripod laying around that the Bound 2 video can borrow. And then I'll go back to jamming out on girly relationship nostalgia. AAAAHHHHLLLRIGHTYTHENNN!

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