Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You Have To Try This CC Cream

Blank spaces are ideal for makeup application, don't cha know?

That's right, friends. Today we're talking foundation which hopefully results in a clean canvas, making all the rest of the products you use in your routine look Beyonce type of flawless.

In comes Cargo Cosmetics with their miraculous, oil-free CC Cream. This cream starts out white and then turns to your perfect shade of flawless. 

As a makeup artist, we also love the corrective yellow undertone it has, which really cancels out any redness on the face. If you're the type that likes getting ready in the mornings under five minutes flat, then you're sure to love this. 

Forget your serum, anti-aging cream, SPF, primer and foundation. This product does all of that and will even brighten and lighten hyperpigmentation. 

It also comes in three shades: light, medium & medium dark. You can also apply it and leave it, or top it with either a liquid or powder foundation, or even a translucent powder.

This CC Cream, in my opinion, is worth every cent of its $34 price point. Pick one up today by clicking here or here.


PS- Have you tried Taylor's newest scent Incredible Things? It's very sweet and we love it! It's a fab fragrance to add to her already great smelling perfume line.

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