Monday, February 29, 2016

Say Hey To These Beauty Products This Spring

Hey, would you stay with me?
I said, "Hey.... hey!"

These beauty products we want in our life forever because
hey, they're our little sign of love this Spring.
Check these babies out...

Eve Pearl Pro Mixing Palette, 2 pk, $30
Shop Eve Pearl here.

These adorable, less than hand size mixing palettes
are perfect for both professional makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. Each pack contains two, one in silver and one in black. These mixing palettes are sleek, functional and can be worn as rings on any of the fingers for a perfect, sanitary makeup application. Eve's a genius visionary well ahead of her time. We simply cannot stop watching this Emmy Award winning makeup artist's YouTube channel. Check her out! Click here.

Oud Rose Parfum by Estevia, $99.99
Shop Estevia Parfums here.

Oud Rose by Estevia Parfums is a total luxury scent. Notes of rose soften the base notes of patchouli, black currant and amber. This scent is as delicate as a rose and as sultry as a Summer's night. If you're looking for a rich Spring scent, look no further than Estevia Parfum in Oud Rose.

01 Eye Contour Eye Shadow Palette by Cargo Cosmetics, $28
Shop Cargo Cosmetics here.

We just adore this palette. Included is a generous sized mirror, seven matte shades and one shimmer base shade. Wear it as a natural, everyday look or intensify the shadows by making them creamy with a little water added to your shadow or liner brush. Cargo Cosmetics also makes this palette in two shades if you happen to rock a darker skin tone. Both are beautiful and can be shopped in store at Kohl's Beauty as well.

Pearanormal Activity Body Wash from Burt's Bees, $6.99
Shop here.

Natural and paraben-free, this Gud natural body wash is the bee's knees in outer-body shower experiences. Deeply scented in awesomeness yet still extremely moisturizing, this pear infused body wash will invigorate anyone's dull shower routine. Close your bathroom door because you'll want to steam and soak up as much of this yummy scent as possible. You can also find this product in store at Target last time I checked.

And say "Hey" to Spring's fave beauty finds.

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