Sunday, March 13, 2016

Get Lifted: Feel Gifted With These Spring Beauty Picks

Dude, it appears to me that this singer with 
such gorgeous curly locks has never 
ever had to deal with a bad hair day.

Ladies across the country are trying to duplicate those soft, luscious locks. Give us your hair tips and what products you use. Seriously. I'll totes make a post about it because the woman world wants to know! Anywho...

It should be noted that at some point during our lives, we've all secretly wanted to have that much fun at a car wash. And that we also want to be a little bit taller, own a six four Impala and had a rabbit in the hat. Takin' it back old school, peeps. Enjoy. 

you might not be able to gift yourself a rabbit in the hat this Spring.
So read on for Spring's fave beauty picks...

Shop Orly to your left <<<
Click on Sally Beauty ad ;o)

Temptu Air Skin Perfection Kit, $240

And feel beauty lifted this Spring...


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