Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Healthy, D-I-Y Crayola Lipsticks

Lately, a lot of cosmetics companies were under fire for their lipsticks being cancerous due to the lead in them.

Because I'm classy, yo... I shall not reveal which ones in particular contained lead since I'd like to continue my career in the beauty industry. They know who they are and that they need to fix their formulations ASAP. All I will say is that you can search about it on Google or Bing.

Holy Taco!
The white one's for the albinos in your life...
Politically correctness awaits! $2.49 / pack
Get them here.

Any who, there are some great D-I-Y recipes using Crayola crayons that you might like to try instead as Crayolas are, and always have been, non-toxic.

Not to mention you can make your own fab colors by breaking them into halves or thirds. Rock on with the customization madness!

You can even add some shimmer or frost by adding some of your favorite loose powder sparkly eyeshadow shades or MAC pigments. The possibilities are endless.

Going along with the Crayola love,
here are my tips & tricks to really spruce up these recipes:

Z-Palette's empty metal pans, 10 for $4.00
Cheaper if you buy more, friends!
Get them here.
  • If using your old tubes to pour your new custom colors in, rubbing alcohol does the trick to sanitize the inners & outers of the tubes. It will also allow you to take off any remaining waxy residue left from your prior lippiness. Lipstick or lip balm tubes work great.
  • If you want to palette yourself up, Z-Palette sells empty metal pans which you can pour your lippy liquid into. Not to mention, you can also buy a Z-Palette in several different sizes to fit your custom Crayola color collection. If you're a pro-makeup artist, apply at Norcostco.com for the Pro-MUA discount for your Z-Palette. You do have to get the metal pans from Z-Palette.
  • Tins from like Altoids or littler like the Victoria's Secret mints work well if you're more of a tub kind of lip girl. Reduce, reuse & recycle, yo.
  • I'm no genius, but possibly team up with a friend to make these since there might be overage. Plus, great minds think alike & you and your bestie can come up with fabulous names for your colors. Not to mention it's fun!
  • Obviously essential oils are fabulous for scent and sometimes flavor, but simply buy some lip balm sweetener and you too can lick your lips to death, therefore needing more balm. The founder and owner at the Department of Redundancy Department suggested I make a flow chart as to how this sweet chapped lip overkill occurs, but honestly his version never stinking ends. There is such a thing as being addicted to lip gloss. For real. Any who, most recipes use stevia as their sweetener of choice.
  • Should you decide to glitter it up, keep in mind that there is a difference in glitter. Don't use regular sized as it will most likely feel like big chunks or grainy sand on your lips. You'll want to use cosmetic grade glitter, which is ground up smaller. You can get it here or here.

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