Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Questions I ask myself

Since I'm so unpopular that no one interviews me, I'm asking questions to myself... and then answering them. Don't laugh now.
What got you into the makeup industry? People that know me well know I love products. I grew up loving to watch TV commercials just as much as the regular shows. My mom says I'd even memorize them. I used to not wear a lot of makeup in high school, but college came along and everything changed. My girlfriends and I used to have girl get-togethers before we'd go out to clubs & bars. Eventually they started lining up for me to do their makeup & someone said I was so good I should consider doing it professionally. So, in fact, I did. Thanks, friends!

What's the weirdest job you've ever had? I was a Coyote. Drinking on the job was a fabulous job perk. However, I'm still trying to figure out if  having to dance in a small straight line while not knocking over drinks proves to be a useful job skill.

What do you want in life? That's a great question & if you've got a great answer, please feel free to elaborate your recommendations. I want the same things I think everyone does. Basically stated, I want happiness. I want real, true love that breeds respect & admiration. I've had enough disappointment for ten people's lifetimes. I don't want to have to worry about paying for little things. I want my kids to grow up being successful, well rounded, down to earth and happy. Eventually I'd like to volunteer my time doing something charitable for a good cause. Some people are so self absorbed. I'm a fairly creative person so I'd enjoy contributing to society with this skill in mind. Something in makeup, blogging, social media, writing, advertising, marketing, comedy or acting would be the bee's knees. Me likeys to teach people as well. Enough about me... what do you want? I love to inspire people. Haters suck the life force out of society's life saber.
Where would you ever consider moving to? I was born in Chicago & reside in Flo Rida. No, not in the rapper... the actual state. Keep in mind that where I live in Florida ain't exactly considered a major fashion, modeling & makeup hub of the world. At this point, I'd consider anywhere that pays me well, or at all. Despite the earthquake nonsense, California could be enticing. Us Flo Riders like the beach.

What's a common motherhood misconception? I remember Christina Aguilera getting interviewed on the topic. I'll never forget the lovely interview. It went something along the lines of what I'm about to touch on. Also, rock on NickMom! Just because you have kids doesn't mean you can't be who you are. It's important to not forget the fun-loving pre-kid you. It's common to obsess & deem things off limits when you first become a mom. Then one day, years later it's like you're waking up from a bad relationship. You can see the old reflection of you and who you used to be and ultimately you get depressed. Guess what? You can still be you! Shocker, I know... but you've got to work at reclaiming it. If you don't play the lotto, you'll never win. It takes some effort on your depressed mom end to make yourself fabulous again. Maybe make it a point to call some friends you used to hang out with or actually try wearing some new mascara and lip gloss again, even if you're just inside doing dishes all day. Talk to your doctor. Pick back up some hobbies you used to enjoy. If we don't claim our fabulousness now, what are we really teaching our kids? I don't know about you, but I want my kids to have a strong sense of self. The world is a bitter place where big girl panties must be worn. Do whatever you need to in order to be happy again. I've cried for weeks on end before with images of a restful, peaceful sleep dancing in my head. Obviously it wasn't one of my best moments & I'd feel so bad if I ever somehow encouraged my kids to grow up expecting this sad behavior out of themselves or their relationships. Also, here's another mom PSA... there will always be moms who do it better than you who exist to judge us and make us hate ourselves meanwhile doubting our abilities. Keep that in mind. Nick mom calls it being "other-mothered"...

Why are you so unclassy on the Internet? Actually, if I had to classify it as anything it would be eloquently sarcastic. Any who, how I write or Twitter is not how I actually talk in real life or in front of my kids, friends. Words are just words. Gotta' love journalism. Who really knows whether you're writing fiction or fact anyway? Don't judge me on my Twitters. They're meant to be funny. Once my kids can figure out how to access my blog or these accounts, I might do some editing but until then you've got me... reclaiming my mom-independence ;o)
Why so little YouTube? This is really simple. In this economy, I can't afford a camera. Do you not live on Planet Earth amongst me?! I actually do have a channel, but I'm such a perfectionist I need some good equipment... or any equipment at all. A stupid, built in, crappy web cam on my broken laptop doesn't solve this situation. At least if I die tomorrow I can cross video editing skills and YouTube channel off my bucket list. Amen.

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