Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Lips I'm Diggin'

Kiss me, fool!
Whenever spring time rolls around, I really enjoy changing up my usual lip routine. So, I rotate out most all of my lipsticks for different options. Let's face it- we all have our staples that we love to go to. But beachy weather puts me in a tinted and glossy mood! It makes me think about the big LipSmackers lip balm tubes I'd occasionally be DELIGHTED to find in my Easter basket.

I want to eat them all...

Now this is a lip balm! Excuse me, I asked for a large?!

I'll save my "lip staples" for another time- because they're all AWESOME of course but glosses and tints are where it's at today, peeps.

MAC's Confetti Plushglass
MAC's Confetti Plushglass has a nice brightening effect that pairs well with golds, taupes & bronzy- like colors.

Did I mention it helps plump the lips so lips appear fuller and smoother?

And, even though it doesn't really taste sweet per say- the smell makes me want to literally eat my lips.

It also gives the lips a nice fuller feeling without putting snake venoms on your lips.

Another honorable mention to MAC's Oversexed Plushglass.
(I must admit this color IS one of my lip staples year round.)

The color looks scary but will lightly tint your lips or give a nice wine tint depending on how much you put on or what color lip liner you use with it.

And just like noted above- nice smell and PLUMPS. Yay!

Philosophy's Kiss Me Very Emollient SPF 20 Lip Balm

very nice hint of Peppermint Scent!

This salve will cure even the most sunburnt lips. But hopefully you'll have used this BEFORE you go out in the sun, jk.

Trish McEvoy "Instant Pick Me Up" Lip Shimmer. You can do and eat anything with this one!

It's a gloss and a long wearing lip stain that adapts to your own lip's natural color. The result is about a three shade darker lip.

It makes my lips a shimmering pink, though- that I absolutely love!

And last, but certainly not least...

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain

Putting this on your lips is a very quick application because it dries so fast. I will say, though- just draw within the lines- because it "stains" quickly.

Won't kiss off or smudge. I often use this as my lipliner, lining then filling in the entire lip, then applying my fave lipstick or gloss. The reason why is- it creates a great base. Do you have a favorite color lipstick that in the tube looks great, but on your lips not so much? We all have natural lip coloring that play into the colors you put on (them). This can change the color, not giving you the effect you desired.  "Layering" and putting on this lipstain underneath will really help. Have a nice coral lipstick? Put the coral underneath. Favorite berry shade? Put the berry shaded lipstain underneath.... you get the point.  :O)

Anyway, happy glossing! Now tint away! Try it- you'll like it, I promise.


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