Monday, March 25, 2013

Selena Gomez all grown up

Be happy I tell you not to show this movie trailer to your kids.

Furthermore, be happy that Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens wear bikinis for a huge portion of this Spring Breakers movie trailer as noted below. You're welcome.

It must feel pretty good to be Selena Gomez this week. 
Gross over $5 million at the box office over the weekend? Check. 
Dis ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber on David Letterman? Check. 
Earn some street cred by filming with Gucci Mane? Check. 

Above is Selena's most recent interview on David Letterman. I love the interview, but just gotta' say... can't a girl get a few minutes of tv show spots without someone having to bring up a recent breakup? Bon Qui Qui does not approve of this behavior. Quick! Someone call SAAACURRITY! Ruuude. Tune in around 5:30 in the video for the Justin dis, exploding fist bump style.

I just love this photo of her.
Hello, woman!
Elle Magazine, July 2012

Anyway, as a fellow female we approve of this "Rock on" post-breakup, pro-feminism Selena Gomez. Furthermore, as a male we approve of the whole less fabric more skin thing.

If you think Alex the Wizard is going to make a polite cameo appearance in this film, then perhaps you find your way back to Waverly Place.

Click here for the best Spring Breakers trailer review EVER, of all time!

Don't get me wrong... 
I'm a belieber and all...

But it's no wonder after watching the trailer of Spring Breakers that it all makes sense now. Justin Bieber was only hanging out with Lil Twist & getting into trouble to up his street cred to equal Selena Gomez'.

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