Monday, April 1, 2013

Avoiding the raccoon in headlights look

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner, $18
In "3L" (Navy)
Available Here.
Navy colored eyeliners are just soo pretty on pretty much  everyone. 

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eyeliner is a great option for if you want to rock that bronzy beach look, sans the "A raccoon just punched me in the face & when he did, he somehow magically became me" look. 

Choose this as your waterproof eyeliner and beach Yoda will tell you that with you, the fab force is. 

Finish off your navy blue eyeliner look with bronzer, a copper-peach cheek, golds on the eyes & nude on the lips. 

Brown eyes- try navy in "3L".

Green eyes- try plum in "4L".

Blue eyes- try bronze in "2L" or "10L".

Furthermore, if you're still convinced that a raccoon will stalk & then become you while swimming, try your eyeliner on just one part- either the top or the bottom of the eye &... voila! 


Still worried about what you look like at the beach? No convincing works on you, ehh? Then allow me to introduce you to the General who will then introduce you to Dos Equis.

Viva the moving eyeliner resistance!

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