Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kids say the cutest stuff

Kids say the darndest things. Am I right or am I right?!

Sure, parents all over this universe think that their kid is the cutest thing since Justin Bieber was birthed. But seriously, mine's the cutest & I will scream it to this earth, the entire galaxy & to infinity and beyond. (Cue in Buzz Lightyear!)

It just so happens that occasionally I watch YouTube. Shocker. I know.

Any who, we were all around the computer & put the original "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys video on. Shortly after the chorus, my six year old goes, "Oh no! Quick! This girl is on fire! Somebody grab the water & put her out!" I about died. I laughed so hard that I probably could of gone into cardiac arrest erstwhile peeing my pants.

Now let's move on to a couple days ago...
"Mommy, you know if when I grow up and don't have a lot of money, I'm just going to live in a box. Or a shelter with a tent over it so I don't get wet." Dear God, let's hope not I think to myself.
Me thinks this little one thinks homelessness could be compared to playing camp in a tree house.
"No, honey. You will have money because you're very smart. You've got your whole life in front of you to decide what you'll do for a career & I have no doubt you'll be successful. (Because Mommy's screwed up so much in her life that she won't let you go down those paths... lol.) And if you don't have money, you'll just keep living in our house until you have the money to get your own."

Now, let's move on to last night...
"Mommy, are we friends with China? And does Japan speak Chinese or what?"
I paused to think about how I could answer this fully loaded question. I told him that pretty much the USA is friends with most every country, except North Korea. China speaks Chinese & Japan speaks Japanese. The Koreas speak Korean and so on. Yeah. You try explaining what different dialects are to a six year old. Then also try to explain what a dictator is versus a democracy. It ain't easy. Not to mention it's an awkwardly uncomfortable conversation.
"So, can I go visit North Korea?" Ummm, not if I have anything to do with it.
"OK, well I want to visit Japan instead." Very well, very well indeed.

Give me a moment to just tell you all that it is so sad that at the tender age of six, this kid has to learn that not every country operates like America. I mean, who really wants to tell their children that other countries want to not only kill them, but wipe them off the face of the entire planet? We are so blessed to have food, tolerance, love & respect for one another in this country. Praise the United States! Amen.

Anyway, the next time your kid won't eat his delicious & abundantly provided dinner, just tell him that there are kids starving in third world countries. I grew up hearing this rhetoric & now I tell my own kids that. I'm still alive to talk about it. Maybe with a little extra poundage around the saddlebag area, but oh well. At least I have food to feed not only myself but also my kids. Watching the tube yesterday, I saw North Korean children picking up crumbs from the dirt & putting it in their mouths. It's a seriously sad situation over there. God bless & protect them.

Today is April 10th & I don't know what North Korea has in store for this day or days after. But they did warn embassies to evacuate before this date. So, if I haven't told you lately... I love you guys. And I love my children. Thanks for reading this ridiculousness I call this blog & let's all invest in some gas masks...

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