Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You so pretty!

These photos are amazing. 
They make me want to wear less makeup, buy some magazines, spray Opium perfume all over myself, don some leather attire & obtain blue eyes somehow... all at once!

Ms. Nicki Minaj got what one would consider a "make-under" for the April 2013 issue of Elle Magazine.

Photographed by Thomas Whiteside, we think she looks absolutely stellar.

We approve of Nicki not only because she's gorgeous, but also because she's got a beautiful heart. She speaks her mind & does wonders for our freedom of speech rights.

 Just look at Emily Blunt here. 

Where is the nearest YSL counter? Because I want to slather this scent all over my entire body.

She looks so good in these bronzed makeup colors that this print ad ought to be illegal. It is way too suggestive in that I want to spend my entire paycheck on YSL. Did I mention I'm broke?! At least I'll smell fab at the courts when I file for bankruptcy.

Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Someone also get back to me if we can pull a John Travolta "Face Off" mission with this chick.

All you lucky gals who were born with baby blues should absolutely get into bronze colored shadows & liners. People will be blown away by how blue your eyes will look.


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