Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Demeter Love

Zombie for Her, $20
Get it here.

Zombie for Him, $20
Get it here.
Please allow me to confess my undying love for Demeter Fragrance Library. Not only do they make every imaginable scent under the sun, the marketing gurus over there delight my email inbox all the time. I can't recall exactly when, but I laughed so hard when they picked up on the whole "The zombie apocalypse is a thing" thing. You tell me what other fragrance company would make Zombie scents. I don't know of one, except for them. The Zombie scent is limited edition, friends. Snatch yours up before May 31st.

Well, Demeter, I'm also here to tell you that there was also supposed to be a bacon aporkalypse in 2013 based on 2012 predictions. Am I the only one in the world who'd like to smell like bacon? Me thinks not. I love to smell like food, y'all. Supposedly men like to smell food scents on their women as well. I'm not making this up. Doctors and scientists have done numerous studies on the topic.

Cinnamon Bun, $6 to $39.50
Get it here.

Any who, Demeter can feel free whenever they'd like to send me scents & I'd gladly review them and blog about them. Sorry for the shameless plug, friends. But, I'm in this beauty blog game & I'm in it to win it!

To your lovely right is my favorite scent in Cinnamon Bun. Let's also talk price point for a second. Most of their scents range from $6 to $39.50. Not sure if you're going to love the scent you pick? Buy a smaller size of it & you're good to go without much greenage leaving your wallet. Or, for the same amount you'd spend buying a large bottle, you can buy a couple different scents in smaller bottles for around that same price.
Who doesn't love that?!

Demeter is also a company that cares. Here are the current promotions they have going on.

First Response Boston sounds like it smells interesting. I've always liked the smell of smoke and fire. Don't let me forget musk and spice on that list, too.


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