Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Makeup Guard Card

Bridgit Mendler is totally rocking the cat eye winged eyeliner look. She's also doing it in this video in a way that's completely appropriate for daytime and work combined. I just love her and could eat her up like she was a Godiva chocolate. Do I watch Good Luck Charlie? Ummm, is the Pope Catholic? Yes, of course my family watches this adorable show. If there was a way for her and Justin Bieber to become a serenading alarm clock, I could be assured that every day would be a good day. Then, on the opposite side of the spectrum are the morning makeup mishaps that make me want to climb back into my pajamas, lay in bed & simply give up on life. If I had to compare the annoying eyeshadow falloff that occurs when foundationing first, then glamming it up with dark eye shadows later, it would have to be none other than a hurricane. I used to tell people to put translucent loose powder underneath their eye to avoid this hurricane category 5 mess... that is, until I met the Makeup Guard Card by OllieGirl.   

The Makeup Guard Card, set of 2, $8.95
Get it here.
While it's true that makeup artists are professionals at what they do, most makeup artists also understand that most of the women living on Planet Earth are not as skilled as they themselves are. It's not even that you can't eventually get to that skill level. It's just that makeup artists do makeup for several hours a day, day in and day out.

Furthermore, having worked in retail cosmetics for quite some time, allow me to shed some light on retail makeup situations. Not everyone you see in front of you is sitting at the same skill level. There are some out there that remain employed, but seriously need this tool to further their skills.

In comes a perfect invention called the Makeup Guard Card!

Have you ever sat there looking at yourself in the mirror right after you came home from a major makeup purchase? Sure, the makeup artist at the store made you look nothing short of your best. But how are you going to replicate it, my friend?

The amazing designer Wylder Flett & celebrity makeup artist Donna Forsythe decided to put their different business expertise together. They then got business married and started olliegirl.com.
Awesome, right?! 

All looks created with help from the miracle
Makeup Guard Card.
What can you expect from this company in the future, my darling?

It was with great pleasure that I got the chance to speak with Donna & Wylder. Per the owners themselves, you can expect tools and inventions that not only complement this card, but also streamline makeup applications by women everywhere... making the process easier, quicker & more simplified.

Did I mention these cards are dishwasher safe & extremely sanitary? Who doesn't like that?

So, hop on the bandwagon. I've already claimed shotgun...

Somewhere Paris Hilton is screaming, "That's hot!"

Cat eyes like a pro,

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