Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Now In: OCC's Cosmetic Colour Pencils

This is cuh-ray-zee!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics just rolled out Cosmetic Colour Pencils, and some of them even match and/ or coordinate with several Lip Tars!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Colour Pencils

100% vegan and cruelty-free, these pencils pack a colorful punch. There are a few that can even be used all over the face. One looks like the perfect brow shade. There's also another one made in clear that will help your lip tar not feather.

Draw the clear pencil around your lips as if you're outlining your lip liner.

Then BAM! 

You have now successfully built an ingenious, impenetrable invisible force field of awesomeness. This clear liner technique proves especially excellent when using bright or dark shades of lipstick & lip tar.

Random red lipsticks from my lip collection usually move all over my face so much that by the end of the day I look like a flesh eating zombie. The zombie virus doesn't discriminate amongst makeup brands either. They all do it for the most part. Sigh. Thankfully, there is hope for us before the apocalypse actually starts. It's called an OCC Colour Pencil. I'll have none of those weird looks and screams anymore from the non-feather-infected lipstick wearing human population.  YAY!

OCC Makeup's Cosmetic Colour Pencil in "Hoochie", $16
Get it here.

For example, here is Hoochie Lip Tar & matching Colour Pencil. It's a great shade if you're into Pantone Institute's 2014 color the year, Radiant Orchid...

OCC Makeup's Matte Lip Tar in "Hoochie", $18
Get it here..

Gander at my fan girl ways below:

Check them out in store at Sephora for some color swatchy fun. Or, shop online from the convenience of your own home or work desk. It's okay. Tell your boss you're busy looking at makeup. 

You can, however, only tell your boss this if:

a) She is female.
b) You're willing to order her a little something as well.

Me thinks she'd really like this mini set here...

Red-Bronze Spectrum: All Star Mini Set, $20
Get it here.

The Minis also come in Pink-Red Spectrum:

Pink-Red Spectrum: All Star Mini Set, $20
Sold Out, Check back here.

Enjoy your day, friends.
And don't forget to obsessively compulse over the Colour Pencils...

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