Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dark Horse Has Arrived!

Baby, do you dare to do this?
Cuz' I'm coming at you like a dark horse... with a bayonet... Obviously.

Katy Perry keeps blowing my mind with all this horse magic. I was totally expecting a witchy undertone to this video. Then, last week she came out with this iPhone app called Dark Horse Cam by AmCam and that's when Queen Katy Nefertiti Perry took her throne.

Check out that app by the way! It takes your photos and makes them look all fun and Egyptian and stuff. Mister Ed desperately wants to take some selfies. 

So, at this current status I am really upset I don't have an iPhone. Also, a makeup tutorial on this makeup look for Halloween next year would be awesome. Now, who wants to be on my YouTube channel so I can do it on someone? Please! I beg you! I shall beg until I can do someone's eyes up like that.

Enjoy your day, friends!

Forever begging you,

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