Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fun Videos of the Week

This is insane! 
Below I give you ten hours jam packed with What Does The Fox Say.
There really are no words that describe how strangely excited I am about the fact that this video exists...

Now I give you fashionable base jumping in Roberto Cavalli!
This might be the coolest way to sell some clothes, like ever. Roberta Mancino is a professional model as well as a professional skydiver, wingsuit flyer and base jumper. Below all her loves and interests are combined. The result is some deliciousness like I've never seen before.

Shop Cavalli here.

Take a gander at this millennial tribute to Dark Horse by Katy Perry. Hopefully it will hold you over until the music video comes out. Today is the day, my Kittie Purries!

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