Friday, March 7, 2014

Caution: This is Sparta

Who's excited for 
300: Rise of an Empire 
this weekend?! 

Let me hear your screams of excitement for abs and kick butt
action sequences. Toga, toga, toooogaahhhh! 

"Tribute To The Elements" Street Art
by Edgar Mueller
Click here for more rad road art.
But before you slip into a toga and start drawing fake holes on your wood floors to push your friends into, let's just quickly touch on how good olive oil is for your skin. You better be slathering some on after you shower to bring out your inner God or Goddess. Olive oil is rich with Vitamins E & K, polyphenols and fatty acids that have even been known to reduce the risk of infant dermatitis when compared to emollient creams, per Wikipedia.

When ingested orally, usual recommended dosage is around 2 tbsp. to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. Olive oil is also believed to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's Disease as well as lower blood pressure.

Drink up, friends!

Below are a few ways to ingest some olive oil erstwhile entertaining your toga party...

I personally really want to make these sliders below. They look delish...

Now that we've got your party floor art handled and your olive oil martinis taken care of for your epic Toga party of Greekness, let's give you those strong Greek features to make you look more like a chiseled Gerard Butler. Click here for ways to strongly contour your face or abs before you start screaming, "This is Spaaarta!"

Somewhere Alicia Keys is singing, 
"This girl is in Sparta! And she's also on fiiiire! Please don't send the Persians!"

Enjoy your weekend watching epic movies, my Greek God friends.

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