Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The TEMPTU PRO Talent Search

Oooh, this is exciting news for makeup artists!

TEMPTU PRO is looking for makeup artists with a resume, portfolio and Instagram to not only feature on their website and social media platforms, but also give a $500 gift card to! Simply submit your best work via Instagram using the hashtag #TEMPTUPROSearch From March 11 - April 15, 2014 to be considered. 

Also, you need to fill out the entry form here
All of the details and rules can be found there, too.

There are four categories and each 
category will have a winner.
  1. #Bridal
  2. #SpecialFX
  3. #Flawless
  4. #Editorial
TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup Starter System, $199
Get it here.

How amazing is this?!

With $500 in hand, you can snag up one of these ahhmazing airbrush starter systems...

Hook your kit up so you can offer more services to your clients and allow TEMPTU to promote your awesomeness.

Rock on.


I'd be all about this, friends! 

But sadly, the cell phone fairy hasn't visited my house in a while. I'm so old school on this 3G Droid that Instagram isn't allowed to be downloaded on my phone.

It's okay. Go ahead and point and laugh. At the same time you're laughing, my cell phone is requesting I call it Karma since it eats my heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer  ;o(  It's also asking me if I'm still telling people to page me.

Quick! Borrow mine! Then... steal it!

Mama always said:

Ya' never know if you don't try.
Life is like a box of chocolates.

Good luck!

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