Friday, March 14, 2014

Fun Videos Of The Week

Listening to The Kane Show this morning, Kane featured this kitten below gobbling like a turkey. It was hilarious. People glared at me laughing at stop lights and surely they thought I was totes strange. Well, like, Duh. I just had to find out what this kitten looked like, burning desire type of style. So, when I came across Kane's page to do further cuteness research on the topic, I discovered the stranger / animal spoof! We felt compelled to share these fun videos of the week with you as well as some of our picks. Who doesn't love skateboarding animals listening to Beyonce?! The dog bouncing to Iggy Azalea is awesome, might I add. By the way, did you see Iggy's throwback to the Clueless movie yet? Click here to watch the fanciness. (It's got some cussies, though. At least you're warned.) Enjoy! Happy Friday.

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