Monday, October 14, 2013

Battle of the Strands Final Battle 2013

We are hours away from the most extreme beauty battle of 2013! Battle of the Strands is heating up. The teams arrived in Las Vegas October 9th. They've been going through strenuous elimination rounds to make it to the final battle which is being livestreamed through the Internet TONIGHT!

From our team to all the ones competing in Vegas, we wish you all the best of luck! It was a total honor even being associated with such talent and was a great experience that we'd do again, hundreds of times over.

Photo: Paul Wedlake

What's even crazier is that our work will more than likely show up on tonight's viewing under Team Fabulous Hair. Way to go, us! Even though we're a little on-location operation, it doesn't negate from the fact that we have talent just as large as salon power houses.

Furthermore, we are more than happy to come to your fashion show, photo shoot or wedding! Busy appointment books make our hearts feel super happy, just stated KaiLan. Ni, hao!

Hopefully I didn't look ridiculous on camera! Lolz. We shall find out if the camera really does add ten pounds, which I'm sure it does! Praise the Lord I highlighted and contoured a little bit. Furthermore, it never fails that whenever I have something really important to do, one of my eyes waters enough to not let my Duo eyelash adhesive stick in one corner! Aargh. It better not happen when Nat Geo Wild is taping for Big Cat Week at Ulta. Yes, I shall be teaching people how to do cat eyes with a limited edition Big Cat makeup set from Pur Minerals in November. Stay tuned for that project. If you'll be in my area Nov. 1st or 2nd, holler at a sister and I'll be more than happy to pencil you in for a free makeover  ;o)  xoxoxo

Just in time for Halloween!
$3.99 & up per extension
Get Glowby's here.

So, without further adieu...
Here are some of the products we used for the BOTS Orlando qualifier!

First, let's give mad shout outs to Glowby's. These light up wonders are cuttable, fiber-optic hair extensions. They come in an array of colors and should be cut at a 45 degree angle to maintain brightness. Let's also not forget the kiddos here and remember to get them light up handle beams which can be put on bikes and scooters. You can also put them on skateboards. Rock on, dudes. My kids love them!

MAC's Fluidline, $16
In "Waveline"
Get it here.

Shout outs to MAC Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Kenra & Tarpon Springs authentic sponges. Opa!

Pro Longwear Lipcreme, $18
In "Good To Go"
Get it here.

Archie's Girls Pearlglide Liner
In "Petrol Blue", $16.50
Get it here.

Lastly, thank you again for all your votes and kind words. We couldn't of even made it as far as we did without your digital love and support.

Any who, we hope you'll tune in. Nutella on a spoon is seriously calling my name not to mention the L'Anza Mint Revitalizer Conditioner which resides in my shower.

Oh, yeah... in case you missed it, I chopped me some Michelle Obama high fashion bangs for the BOTS competition final video submission. However, their current status is growing out and annoying. Michelle Obama and I totes agree on this factoid. We think we shall grow them out as well.  ;o)

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